All things about the 2022 Ford Explorer wheel spacers is here. If you want you truck to get better handling performance and more outstanding running stance, just read it! “The Ultimate Exploration Vehicle!”—the new generation 2022 U625 Explorer is ready for the modern-day exploration. The 2022 Explorer is arguably the best truck for big families to discover the new worlds. But compared to its peers the Kia Telluride, the Hyundai Palisade, etc., the overall package of the Ford Explorer is lagging behind. So, we BONOSS have prepared exclusive upgrade accessories for you who own Explorer – 2022 Ford Explorer wheel spacers!

What Are The Functions Of The 2022 Ford Explorer Wheel Spacers?

2022 ford explorer wheel spacers--bonoss

Are 2022 Ford Explorer wheel spacers available as upgrades to enhance truck‘s handling? Yes, of course. Installing them increases the wheel track width, and then lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity and roll center. Structurally this improves the vehicle’s stability and grip, allowing you to pass the sharp turns and rough roads with greater speed and a more stable attitude. This is the perfect way to avoid spending a lot of money on a set of negative ET wheels.

Of course, if your budget is sufficient, then a wheel spacer can also help you. Matching data when changing tires is a headache, cause not everyone is an auto mechanic. Then once you’ve purchased aftermarket wheels and tires with data that don’t quite match up, and you can’t return them, Ford Explorer wheel spacers can really help. Bolt on wheel spacers itself has two different bolt patterns and CB, which allows your axle hub and wheel hub to be installed precisely, and through the spacer they form an inherently strong and tight structure. So 2022 Ford Explorer wheel spacers are the best option for those looking for more secure and precise tire matching.

Besides improving the match safety and handling performance, the Explorer spacers also can make your SUV more aggressive and raged. They push the wheel far away from the axle rotor, and the outer face of the tire will flush with the car body kit. It can change the conservative stance of the factory wheel tucked in the fender.

What Are The 2022 Ford Explorer Wheel Spacers?

2022 ford explorer wheel spacers--bonoss Structurally, wheel spacers are metal rings. There are some structures called hub-centric wheel spacers that have Step in the middle, the purpose is to tightly and firmly combine with the wheel hub and axle hub, maintaining the original wheel loading structure. The main function of wheel spacers is to serve as the extension surface of the axle rotor, so as to extend the whole tire, provide more backspacing and correct the wheel offset, and also adjust the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Just as its name implies, the 2022 Ford Explorer wheel spacers are wheel spacers designed and produced exclusively for the Explorer. According to the 2020-present VI (U625) generation chassis, the Explorer’s Center Bore is 70.5mm, PCD is 5×114.3 (5×4.5), and Thread Size is M14x1.5.

Of course, in the actual situation, the corresponding data will definitely have some tolerances. We BONOSS have 10+ experience in the production and installation of wheel spacers. After actual measurement and installation of countless vehicle models, our wheel spacers can be installed on the axle rotor of your vehicle without shaking. You can check how well the wheel spacer matches your vehicle’s data with a paper test.