2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers--bonoss

Do you want a set of 2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers to fit your truck? This is all thing you need to know before you do the order! If the full-size F150 exceeds your expectations in performance and price, then the 2022 Ford Ranger is a very suitable choice for you. It has a powerful turbo engine, tons of driver-assistance features and great towing capacity. There is better that you don’t need to run out of money to get it. Then the wheel spacers are also more efficient and easier to improve your truck’s handling and appearance just like this cost-effective truck. Next, we will explain the pros and safety of spacers, and let you know all things you should pay attention to.

The Pros Of The 2022 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers

A set of 2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers is one of the most worthy upgrades for Ford Ranger owners who love modification. Spacers can correct some data of your custom wheels and tires, such as Center Bore, PCD or Thread Size, so that different types of aftermarket accessories can be safely matched to your Ranger.

Secondly, 2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers can easily widen your truck’s off-road stance by pushing the wheels far away from the mounting pad. This can lower the truck’s roll center, provide more stability for your Ranger when you drive it on some rugged roads or sharp corners.

Thirdly, the wheel spacers can easily solve the rubbing problems of the wheel assembly. As the second point says, the wheels are pushed away and change the wheel backspacing by spacers so that they can provide more space to fit some bigger auto components.

Why Choose BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers For Ford Ranger?

Our BONOSS wheel spacers for Ford Ranger also offer more performance support. BONOSS spacers are forged from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy (6061-T6/7075-T6), which is much lighter than ordinary steel spacers. Therefore, it will not greatly affect the unsprung weight of the body and change the original chassis performance characteristics of the vehicle.

Most importantly, the spacers of BONOSS have the exclusive patent in the world – Active Cooling System, which actively dissipates the heat generated by braking and turning when the vehicle is running. You know, some cheap and nasty wheel spacers often lead to a variety of trouble, such as the spacer and the axle rotor will stick together and cannot be disassembled caused by the long-term installation, and it will affect the braking efficiency of the vehicle if the heat cannot be dissipated. This kind of performance support is only BONOSS 2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers can give to you.

The 2012-present 15-160mm Ford Ranger Hubcentric wheel spacers will provide your Ford Ranger with that extra width needed to create visual awe in any off-road environment. Especially the 2022 Ford Ranger model year, the Ford provides many upgrade packages to customers, like the Splash Package equipped with special matte black 18 inches, 12-spoke wheels; STX Special Edition Package with 18-inch black alloy wheels; STX Appearance Package with 17-inch aluminum wheels; and off-road OWL tires are equipped in the FX2 Package. Our BONOSS Forged Active Cooling 2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers will fit your Ford Ranger model and are the best choice for correcting and matching massive wheels, improving off-road handling, filling large wheel arches, or simply creating a more outstanding running stance.

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