2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers--bonoss

What are the functions of the 2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers? And what are the pros of them? “Built For Adventure. Built Ford Tough.” The 2022 Ford Ranger is equipped with a high-strength frame and a top-notch turbocharged gas engine, so you can fully rely on it when driving on any rough terrain. And Ford also matched it with many level-up packages this year, such as Splash Package equipped with special matte black 18 inches, 12-spoke wheels; STX Special Edition Package with 18-inch black alloy wheels; STX Appearance Package with 17-inch aluminum wheels; and off-road OWL tires are equipped in the FX2 Package. Under the high requirements of off-roaders for tires and wheels, the wheel spacers can provide them with the convenience of modification, improve safety and enhance the appearance of this hardcore truck.

2022 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers: Provide Enough Clearance & Space2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers--bonoss

The bigger rim and wider tire are beneficial for grip enhancement and comfort on rocky terrains. But the potential problem is the bigger wheels will probably rub against the wheel arch or some other components to impact the normal scrub radius and shorten the life of tires. To protect your valuable wheels, you need to move your wheels far away from the mounting pad and correct the offset/backspacing by 2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers. Especially for the off-roader drivers who often ride on rugged terrain, rubbing problems will lead to some serious dangerous troubles.

2022 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers: Improve Safety

Using Ford supplied wheels and tires on the Ranger doesn’t need to worry about the matching problem, but not everyone is satisfied with them. There will still be many people who choose aftermarket modified tires, so these tires need to be installed with Ranger wheel spacers/adaptors to improve the matching to the Ford Ranger. Spacers can solve the vibration problem and some other matching problems when installing the new set of wheels and tires. And installing wheel spacers will widen the wheel track width and lower the roll center of the Ranger, thereby improving the stability of the truck. It improves the driving performance of the Ranger when cornering or off-road, and also improves safety.

2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers do--bonoss

2022 Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers: For more Aggressive Running Stance

Maybe some of the 2022 Ranger owners are not satisfied with the stance of original Ford wheels on such a strong and muscle truck. At that time wheel spacers are a cost-effective accessory if you don’t want to support another expensive forged alloy wheel. As you know, the negative offset wheels in the market are expensive. 2022 Ford Ranger wheel spacers can help you pull out the wheels from the axle and line up with the fender. You must be surprised with the sporty appearance after fitting with Ford Ranger wheel spacers.