2022 Honda Accord with wheel spacers will not only be safe enough for the vehicle but will also enhance the capability of the 2022 Accord. If you’re looking for an affordable sedan for the family equipped with a spacious interior as well as a tough wheel stance, 2022 Honda Accord wheel spacers are definitely ideal accessories, whose specs are 5×114.3-64.1mm-M12×1.5-Lugnuts, the same as the factory’s specs.

Why Does the 2022 Honda Accord Perform Better Than Civic?

Many consumers may hesitate between Honda Accord and Civic. Comparing interiors and performance, Accord win the game. While the market of the sedan is shrinking, Honda Accord has always been a popular model for the daily commute and family life. Honda Accord has a more spacious interior including rear space and cargo room than Honda Civic.

Besides, the hybrid powertrain is available on Honda Accord while the Civic only provides the gas-powered engine. The standard 2022 Honda Accord has a turbocharged four-cylinder 1.5L with 192 hp, which of the mid-size sedan is 2.0L turbo with 212 hp, while the most powerful engine of the Honda Civic is available with 1.5 L turbocharged four-cylinder with 180 hp.

Besides the interior and the engine, the soft stance of the sedan is the reason for the sedan’s shrink. To make your 2022 Honda Accord show off your personality and attitude toward life, installing wheel spacers to widen the track and make the wheels flush with the fender will give your 2022 Honda Accord an aggressive look.

How to Safely Use Wheel Spacers to Enhance the Performance of the 2022 Honda Accord

To ensure the safety of driving with Honda Accord wheel spacers, you need to check out the specs you need and install them in the right way. First, the specs of the wheel spacers should be as accurate as those of the 2022 Honda Accord wheel axle and hub.

For example, the factory axle of the 2022 Honda Accord features 5×114.3 – 64.1mm, which refers to the wheels of the 2022 Honda Accord are fastened with 5 studs and the distance between the two diagonal lugholes is 114.3mm and the diameter of the center ring on the rims used to connect to the axle is 64.1mm.

BONOSS forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers 2022 honda Accord 5×114.3 64.1mm M12×1.5 by rongyan.6

A special but common situation is that you change the factory rims to the aftermarket with different seat types. You need to pay attention that whether the new seating type is ball-seat or not. Most of the aftermarket rims are cone-seat, so you probably need to also change a new set of lug nuts with cone seating.

During the installation of the 2022 Honda Accord wheel spacers, make sure you clear all the rust and dust on the axle before putting it on the wheel spacers. The studs on the axle may be longer than the wheel spacers, leading to the rubbing against the rims. When you meet the problem, there are two solutions – installing thicker spacers to cover the studs or cutting the factory studs.

BONOSS forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers 2022 honda Accord 5×114.3 64.1mm M12×1.5 by rongyan.2

Besides comfort and performance, aesthetics is also a factor worth considering. Wheel spacers are a safe accessory to achieve the purpose since they won’t affect the moderation of the suspension, bearing, or other parts. Just enjoy the advanced life the 2022 Honda Accord with wheel spacers bring, because it has everything you need from the outside to the inside. If you’re also a Honda fan or car enthusiast, welcome to join us to connect with more interesting people and ideas!