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In the previous 2022 Honda CR-V series article, we introduced some of the benefits of 2022 Honda CR-V wheel spacers for vehicles. Nowadays, more and more people will modify their cars, so they will face the steps of modifying wheel lug nuts. As we all know, wheel lug nuts can decorate your wheels, whether you replace them with handsome wheels or not, they will make your car unique. It may be that wheel lug nuts are very important to the appearance of the vehicle. However, there are too many wheel lug nut products in the auto parts market. How do you choose 2022 Honda CR-V lug nuts that are both unique and safe? I believe you will have the answer after reading this article.

What 2022 Honda CR-V Lug Nuts Do You Need?

Every automaker will show the type and data of wheel lug nut required for the stock wheel. You can find the data in the vehicle service manual or the relevant automobile parameter website. If you change a set of aftermarket wheels, the data required may also change. Therefore, when refitting the lug nut, you must understand the stud thread, seat type, and wheel tightening torque corresponding to your model CR-V to buy the correct and safe lug nut. The following are some introductions to the seat type. There are generally three mainstream seat types on the market.

1. The cone seat has a beveled 60-degree angled surface and it is the most popular type for aftermarket wheels.

2. The ball seat is an inverted bowl-shaped seat.

3. The flat seat (also called mag seat) is a completely flat surface used with a separate gasket.

For your 2022 Honda CR-V, you should choose lug nuts with a cone seat design to match your stock wheels. And the thread of studs is M12x1.5, and the standard torque requirement is 108Nm. It is best to use a torque wrench when installing the wheel to just achieve the predetermined firmness. Only with these details, can the 2022 Honda CR-V lug nut do its best to ensure your driving safety!

Why Do You Choose BONOSS M12x1.5 2022 Honda CR-V Lug Nuts?

When you know the seat type, the corresponding stud thread, and torque requirement, you can choose the lug nuts on the internet or some car mod shops. However, how to choose safe and outstanding 2022 Honda CR-V lug nuts from the complex markets? Don’t worry, let me provide you with the perfect solution. First of all, the most important thing about lug nuts is what raw materials are used to make them. Typically, the lug nuts of most vehicles are made of chrome-plated steel. For some racing cars or luxury car models, higher-level aluminum alloy materials are used to achieve lighter weight requirements while ensuring strength and corrosion resistance.


BONOSS provides forged Titanium lug nuts (Tensile Strength≥1,110Mpa), and the forged 7075-T6 Aluminum lug nuts (Tensile Strength≥572Mpa), they are fully SGS TUV ISO standard test reports certificated. And the Tensile Strength of the cheap alternatives is approximately 125Mpa below. When facing bump and impact loads, higher tensile strength can bear greater forces without breaking. What’s more, BONOSS 2022 Honda CR-V lug nuts are available in a variety of colors to suit your style preferences.

Just leave the complicated and professional things to us! BONOSS has already prepared for the 2022 Honda CR-V. You can enjoy customized service no matter you wanna do any mods on your 2022 Honda CR-V. Have a browse at BONOSS 2022 Honda CR-V lug nuts. If you get any questions, please contact us!