Not long ago, the Land Rover held the all-new Rang Rover conference. For fighting other rivals in the same segment market, this time Land Rover redesigned it from the wheel lug nuts to the whole vehicle, with updated styling, new tech features, and luxury touches. As I told you, the lug nuts are different, so for your convenience to change to aftermarket wheels, BONOSS gives you the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover lug nuts to perfectly match a ton of aftermarket wheels.


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Does lug nut seem simple enough right? It’s a little metal piece that holds your wheel to your vehicle, but it also helps center and positions the wheel correctly, so you can’t get whatever lug nut you find and throw them on your car. You have to make sure they fit correctly to ensure your driving safety. So let me tell you four different technical specs that you need to pay attention to when you browse the lug nuts you want to buy on the e-shops.

1. Seat Type

I believe many people know about it, but I still have to mention it. there are three seat types on the lug nut market, the conical seat, the flat seat, and the ball seat.

For your 2022 Range Rover, the flat seat lug nuts, which are matched to your stock wheels. So that is why I said the lug nuts of your 2022 Range Rover are different above. You know many aftermarket wheels almost suit conical seat lug nuts, so if you want to buy another set of handsome wheels, you need to prepare a set of conical seat lug nuts too.

Otherwise, you will not be able to make the lug nuts fit perfectly on your new wheels’ hole seat. In other words, is that you can’t center and position the aftermarket wheels correctly with the stock lug nuts. So you need to look for the conical seat lug nuts with that tapered base that is going to help center the wheels.

2. Thread Size

There’s plenty of different thread sizes out there. There are M12 by 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, and 14 for the domestic car. There are standard sizes, but M14 by 1.5 is what you need. And what that basically tells you is a 14 millimeters diameter stud, and then the thread pitch is 1.5. So the distance between the threads is 1.5 millimeters.

3. Thread Engagement Recommendation

It is a minimum thread engagement at least the diameter of the stud size you’re running, so since the 2022 Range Rover is 14-millimeter studs, you need to have at least 12 millimeters of thread in the lug nuts. So when this comes into talk usually is when you’re running wheel adapter, and that takes up some of that thread linked. So if that gets under the minimum recommendation, you must install the extended wheel studs.

4. Tightening Torque

We have tightening torque specs which for the 2022 Range Rover is 120 Nm with clean and dry threads. You know what, a few people like to put anti-seize on the threads, which really isn’t a good idea because that leads to incorrect torque readings which then leads you to over-torquing your lug nuts, and then you happen to break your studs which is no fun. The right way to tighten the lug nuts is using the torque wrench, after checking the tightening torque specs from the guide brochure. Don’t feel trouble, just do it.


How To Choose 2022 Land Rover Range Rover Lug Nuts For Aftermarket Wheels?

The certain type of lug nuts must match with the corresponding shape of lug holes. It’s dangerous for driving safety since the tightness can not be ensured between different shapes of lug nuts and lug holes. Before installing the aftermarket wheel to your 2022 Range Rover, figure out the original lug thread and seat type of the factory lug nuts, and the seat type of aftermarket wheel to determine the tread engagement you need. Besides, quality, outlook, and security are all of concern.

Quality– As the part connected with studs to safely fix the wheels on the axle plate, lug nuts must have high-performance hardness, proof load capability, superior chemical composition, and corrosion resistance. ISO standard grade 10 is the highest grade in the lug nuts industry. A high-quality lug nut must be proved by TUV and SGC tests. BONOSS lug nuts all meet the requirements with certifications.

Outlook – Besides practicality, an exquisite appearance can directly show your personality. The aesthetic of lug nuts mainly comes from the material and color painting. Titanium nuts have not only a notable and luxurious color but also a lightweight performance.

Security – To protect the high-end wheels of your luxury 2022 Range Rover from being theft, you need a locking wheel nut sticking on each wheel. The locking wheel nut is designed with a special head and can be only removed by locking the wheel nut key. If you also plan to upgrade accessories like wheels, brake caliper, shock, or suspension, it’s an easy but very useful way to protect your baby vehicle.

Just leave the complicated and professional things to us! BONOSS has already prepared for the 2022 Range Rover. You can enjoy customized service no matter you did any mods on your 2022 Range Rover. Have a browse at BONOSS 2022 Land Rover Range Rover lug nuts. Any questions, please contact us.