The 2022 Tank 300 wheel spacers provide a cost-effective way to keep your current wheels while improving off-roading ability. For off-road vehicles, installing wheel spacers helps to increase the track width, hence increasing the traction and strengthening the grip. As a result, when your 2022 Tank 300 moves in rough weather or unfavorable driving conditions even then, it does not lose its grip on the road. In addition, the resistance to rollover enhances when the wheels are moved outwards from the vehicle hub. Aesthetically, pushing your wheels outwards to the position you like makes your off-roading machine more aggressive, sporty, and personalized.

When Do You Need 2022 Tank 300 Wheel Spacers?

The major reason most people run 2022 Tank 300 wheel spacers is to solve clearance issues and improve off-road performance. Wider tires not only offer you better handling but also make the obstacles much smaller. When you are ready to level up your 2022 Tank 300 for off-roading activities, you may want to add wider tires on the stock rims. However, the wider the tires, the higher chance they will rub the fender when operating a U-turn.

To avoid the larger tires rubbing against your fender or other suspension components, you need to invest in new offset rims with less backspacing or buy a set of 2022 Tank 300 wheel spacers. If you plan to buy new offset rims, there will be more to consider, and you can find yourself are running greater costs. On the other hand, wheel spacers are much more budget-friendly. There are other advantages of wheel spacers, including as a wheel adapter for running specific rim and tire combinations, to aid the wheels in clearing out protruding brake calipers, or to improve the appearance of your off-road vehicle.

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Are 2022 Tank 300 Wheel Spacers Safe for 4×4?

Many drivers might be anxious about going off-roading with 2022 Tank 300 wheel spacers and messing up their vehicles. In fact, if installed properly, high-quality 6×139.7 wheel spacers won’t exert more force on your suspension than wheels with similar backspacing, thus you won’t have any safety problems. Avoid using low-quality spacers. They are cheap. However, they are not strong enough and will be deformed and destroyed under intense impacts, leading to disasters. When purchasing 4×4 wheel spacers, figure out the performance.

Tensile strength is the maximum amount of tensile stress that it can be subjected to before failure. It is an important factor of off-roading gears. When facing bump and impact loads, higher tensile strength allows the 2022 Tank 300 wheel spacers to bear greater forces without breaking. BONOSS 2022 Tank 300 wheel spacers apply forged 6061-T6 (tensile strength≥310Mpa) or 7075-T6 (tensile strength≥572Mpa) billet aluminum material, which ensures higher strength, service range, and safety than those cheap casting aluminum spacers.

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How to Install 2022 Tank 300 Wheel Spacers Safely?

Most of the disadvantages that people associate with 2022 Tank 300 wheel spacers are actually blamed on the low-quality spacers and improper installation. Properly installing wheel spacers is paramount to ensuring the safety of your vehicle. Properly torquing the lug nuts according to the correct specifications is also critical to keep safe. An improper installation, for example, untightened lug nuts (the clamping force is not enough) or overtightened lug nuts (the stud has been stretched past its tensile strength limit, so the clamping force has gone away) will cause most wheel spacer failures. Find a suitable balance in the level of tightness and the stud will remain strong, providing the greatest possible force to keep the wheel attached to the hub. It is always a great idea to regularly inspect and give your 2022 Tank 300 wheel spacers another check after 100 miles of driving. Retorquing the lug nuts if they are loose.

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