Are 2022 Tesla Model Q Wheel Spacers a Good Idea BONOSS Hub-centric Wheel Spacers Safe

If you calculate well and get proper size 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers installed, your car will look much snazzier. Everyone wants to make their car stand out in society. These components will create extra clearance between the hub assembly and the wheels. This makes the wheel protrude away from the fender, giving your car a sportier and more aggressive exterior. If you intend to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle, you may want to consider getting a set of 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers.

Many customers like to make their Model Q more attractive by adding a wide body kit. If you have added wider fenders and kept the current wheels, you will most likely find a big hole in the fenders-the wheels look stuck in the arches too much. With the 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers, you can push the wheels to fill the arches, which effectively makes your widebody car more noticeable!

Will 2022 Tesla Model Q Wheel Spacers Affect Handling?

Yes, these 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers bring the handling to a higher level. By pushing the wheels further away from the vehicle hub, they increase the track width, hence reducing body roll. This helps improve your tires’ lateral grip. The tires are more evenly loaded, which leads to better handling of the car and faster acceleration coming out of a corner. This adds more stability and improves handling even when the tire size does not change.

Getting 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers installed means you can have a wider variety of traction options. Larger wheels provide better grip power and visual effect. However, most large wheels won’t fit on average size cars. By pushing the wheels out, the 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers allow you to add larger wheels with no rubbing problems. Through this function, they will also make the required room for a larger caliper that wouldn’t fit in the factory wheel space. This improves the handling even more.

BONOSS Forged 2022 Tesla Model Q Wheel Spacers 25mm Car Spacers Hub Centric

Do 2022 Tesla Model Q Wheel Spacers Change Offset?

Yes, a set of 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers will reduce the amount of wheel offset. They essentially increase the distance from the wheel center to the vehicle hub flange, hence reducing positive offset. The lower the positive offset you achieve, the more your wheels will stick out the fender flares. If you get large offset wheels installed, you would need proper 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers to fit. Here is a simple calculation: your wheel offset – the thickness = the final offset. Assuming the perfect final offset is 30mm. If your wheel offset is +50mm, then the thickness of the required spacers will be 20mm (50 – 30 = 20).

The thicker the 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers you install, the greater distance that the wheels will be moved outwards. This may cause some fender clearance problems. Therefore, it is recommended to measure the wheel gap. If you are using stock wheels, just measure the distance from the inner fender lip to the outer edge of your tires directly. If you get aftermarket or second-hand wheels, you need to put these wheels on the vehicle and then measure. The wheel gap determines the best thickness of 2022 Tesla Model Q wheel spacers that get your wheels flush with the fender and eliminate the rubbing problems.