Will 2022 Tesla Model Y Wheel Spacers Help With Rubbing BONOSS Wheel Spacers

The 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers are the most cost-effective components which solve some of the most common tire rubbing issues. Adding bigger wheels and tires is a popular modification for appearance and performance enhancement. However, the wheel well, fender, springs, and tire rods were set up properly around the stock wheels and tires. Upsized wheel and tire change this arrangement and the rubbing problem occurs. That is where 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers come in. The wheel rubbing triggers a dangerous situation. By creating more clearance between the wheel and hub assembly, these 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers allow larger wheels and tires to be installed safely. The interior space increases, hence the possibility of wheel rubbing reduces. Besides, they can correct the wheel offset, which is a perfect solution to get a flush and sporty stance.

What Size of 2022 Tesla Model Y Wheel Spacers Do I Need?

The thicker the 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers you install, the greater distance that the wheels will be moved outwards. Sometimes by pushing the wheels and tires outward from the hub, you get a certain amount of interior space, but rubbing can occur on the wheel well. You need the correct size 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers. To figure out what size of wheel spacers is safe, it is necessary to measure the fender clearance. Assuming you have aftermarket wheels, install them on your vehicle. Then use a straight edge ruler to measure the distance from the inner fender lip and the outside edge of your wheel tires or rims. This distance is the perfect thickness to get the wheels flush with the fender and the maximum amount that wheels will not rub the wheel well.

How to measure 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers proper size wheel adapters

Changing wheel and tire size will also change the wheel offset. Even if the same size of the wheel or tire, changing wheel offset will make the tires’ position different, so that rubbing occurs. A set of 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers will make the offset lower, which make the tires’ position further outside. If your wheels have too high of an offset, to avoid rubbing issues, it is better to use thicker wheel spacers such as 25mm wheel spacers.



Will 2022 Tesla Model Y Wheel Spacers Improve Handling?

One of the most popular benefits of the 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers is handling improvement. By moving the wheels and tires further away from the chassis, they widen the track. As the track width increases, the amount of grip that your vehicle has in corners enhances, allowing faster cornering. The further the wheel is from the vehicle hub, the better roll resistance ability it has. This is a significant reason why many customers use spacers for performance upgrading. To some extent, these 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers provide the same effect as lower-offset wheels. Assuming your stock wheel has a +45 offset, and then put a 15mm spacer on the wheel, that will push the tire out about the same as someone just using an offset wheel with a +25 offset (45 – 15 = 25). The 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers create extra clearance to build a sportier look with a very friendly budget.