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All things about the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R wheel spacers are here! If you wanna change aftermarket wheels and tires or do some upgrades on your wheel assembly, you can’t miss this! “Legendary Performance Elevated!”—The new Mk8 Golf R takes performance to a whole new level. The refined turbo charged engine and joyful handling provide a very good choice for those who are fascinated by fast small cars. For such a Golf R that has topped the hottest hatchback list, we BONOSS have designed and produced matching 2022 VW Golf R wheel spacers to satisfy your modification and upgrade needs for this little car.

What Are The 2022 Volkswagen Golf R Wheel Spacers?

In fact, most wheel spacers are metal ring structures made of high-grade aluminum alloys or steel. They are mounted between the axle hub and the wheel hub for the drivers to adjust the offset and backspacing of the wheels and tires. And there are some customized spacers that can provide different bolt patterns to adapt to various aftermarket wheels and improve their adaptability to vehicles.

As the name, the 2022 VW Golf R wheel spacers are the spacers specially produced for this year model. The design data is based on the CD1(2020-present) chassis data of this Mk8 generation (Center Bore-57.1mm, PCD-5×112, Thread Size-M14x1.5). Of course, the BONOSS’s data of the Golf R spacer will be finely and precisely tuned taking into account the tolerances and the actual installation effect.

You know the wheel of the Golf R is the 19″ alloy wheels with summer performance tires. This wheel equipment is certainly sufficient for daily driving on the city road. But if you live in a place with a long snow season, or if you often need to ride some muddy trails, then changing a set of wheels and tires that are specially designed for you is very necessary. You can choose the factory products from VW or choose from the aftermarket. Generally speaking, most people will choose the aftermarket, because the wheels there are cheap and have a variety of designs.

What can 2022 Volkswagen Golf R Wheel Spacers Do?

Like I explained above, wheel spacers made specifically for the 2022 VW Golf R will make any aftermarket wheels and tires you get safer to install on your R. At the same time, spacer can also improve the handling performance of your vehicle. Installing wheel spacers can widen the vehicle’s wheel track width, thereby lowering the vehicle’s roll center. This allows the vehicle to pass over bumps or sharp corners with a more stable attitude and faster speed.

After calculating and simulating the detailed data of the vehicle, selecting Golf R wheel spacers of the appropriate thickness can even solve the steering problem. For example, when you find that your Golf R has an oversteer problem, you can choose to install wheel spacers only on the rear wheels and increase the wheel track width of the rear wheels to restrain the impact of the front wheels on the steering. On the contrary, if the situation is understeer, you can also install spacers on the front wheel separately. It is completely feasible and safe to install wheel spacers only on the front or rear wheels.