2023 BMW XM wheel bolts will be one of the tuning options when the new car is launched. As key fasteners, the quality of wheel bolts is of paramount importance. The right thread and length will ensure they lock all parts, while the ultimate tensile strength and proof load index of the bolts will be used as the limit value for plastic deformation of the product. Most stock wheel bolts are standard 10.9-grade products. BONOSS offers higher-performance 12.9-grade aftermarket wheel bolts.

Will 2023 BMW XM Wheel Bolts Fit Perfectly?

Most of the BMW cars use the M14x1.25 thread data, including the 2 series, 3 series, 5 series, and X series. Although the 2023 BMW XM is not yet available to the market, we believe the thread data may remain the same as the M14x1.25 data. BONOSS will update the database within two weeks after the release of the new car, and the factory will process the applicable 2023 BMW XM wheel bolts based on the data, BONOSS offers a variety of threads for models with wheel bolts, including the German series, including M12x1.25, M12x1.5, M14x1.25, M14x1.5, etc.

The BONOSS database covers 95% of the common car data in the market; we target new cars like the 2023 BMW XM and keep the data of classic cars. For example, BMW E30, E46, F80, etc., and 2023 BMW XM wheel bolts are just one of the products in BMW aftermarket parts. Most aftermarket wheel bolts are set to conical seats, which will be suitable for more aftermarket wheels. BONOSS provides 2023 BMW XM wheel bolts with ball and conical seats.

What 2023 BMW XM Wheel Bolts Are Best-xu

What 2023 BMW XM Wheel Bolts Are Best-xu

Are 2023 BMW XM Wheel Bolts Safe?

Most BMW owners know that BMW stock wheel bolts are anti-theft and require a BMW-specific tread sleeve for removal. Normal aftermarket wheel bolts do not have anti-theft features. They only act as fasteners to allow the XM to drive properly. If you are replacing a kit of expensive wheels, a 2023 BMW XM wheel bolts with anti-theft features will be necessary.

Some players buy thousands of dollars of beautiful wheels and fix them with ordinary wheel bolts. The tools to remove them can be found in a department store and sold second-hand on another platform. BONOSS takes the security of stock wheel bolts into account and provides one anti-theft wheel bolt on each wheel (usually, one anti-theft wheel bolt is sufficient), which are specially shaped so that ordinary tools cannot remove them. The 2023 BMW XM wheel bolts can prevent thieves from coveting your wheels.

2023 BMW XM wheel bolts are made of SCM440 steel alloy, the forged material makes the performance of the wheel bolts reach 12.9 grade, and the larger shank diameter improves the ultimate performance and is more powerful. 12.9 grade wheel bolts have an ultimate tensile strength of 1282 MPa and proof load of 121,000 N. 12.9 grade wheel bolts are used in trucks with higher loads because of their stronger performance.

In addition, BONOSS 12.9 grade 2023 BMW XM wheel bolts have a gasket-type design, and the gasket-type seat can offset the stress on the wheel bolts during vehicle driving, which largely eliminates the risk of torque variation or dislodgement of the wheel bolts. BONOSS, as a professional wheel bolts manufacturer, has its factory to produce products, and each product is engraved with the BONOSS brand name and logo. 12.9 grade 2023 BMW XM wheel bolts provide up to 10 years of quality warranty.

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