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The 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers have significantly helped the vehicle’s ability to pass. The extra wheel clearance pushes the wheels away from the body, and we recommend that the wheels be moved flush with the fenders, which many customers have found to be wise. The fuller body lines and aggressive vehicle stance make customers more satisfied. Additional features for wheel spacers will also be mentioned below. If you are considering purchasing BMW wheel spacers, we hope this article is helpful to you.

What Are 2023 BMW XM Wheel Spacers?

2023 BMW XM wheel spacers are a piece of aluminum alloy discs machined to a specific size according to the lug pattern and center hole diameter of the vehicle’s hub assembly. They are installed between the wheels and hub assembly to increase wheel clearance, usually symmetrically on the left and right wheels on the same bearing. The thickness of the 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers is optional, depending on the customer’s needs. Wheel spacers from 3mm to 160mm are available. The thickness of common wheel spacers is from 10mm to 35mm. BMW XM belongs to the SUV type, so wheel spacers below 40mm are also available.

Depending on the fixing method, wheel spacers can be divided into slip-on and bolt-on types. Slip-on 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers slide into the hub assembly, align the bolt holes of the wheel spacers and rotor, use extended wheel bolts through the wheels, and the wheel spacers and rotor will ensure that all parts are secured. In contrast, the bolt-on 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers need to be fixed to the rotor first and use the stock wheel bolts to fix the wheels on the wheel spacers. Both different types of wheel spacers are secure. Make sure to use the correct torque to lock all wheel bolts, and the vehicle will get a full body line and attractive stance.

How to Use 2023 BMW XM Wheel Spacers to Build a Better Stance-xu (1)

How to Use 2023 BMW XM Wheel Spacers to Build a Better Stance-xu (2)How to Use 2023 BMW XM Wheel Spacers to Build a Better Stance-xu (2)

What Can 2023 BMW XM Wheel Spacers Do?

2023 BMW XM wheel spacers are not only useful for improving the vehicle’s stance, but it also aids in hardware upgrades. Most BWM customers not only desire the power of a surging vehicle but also have a high demand for handling the vehicle. Vehicle handling can be reflected in both steering and braking. 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers can increase the length of the track, making the vehicle more stable in the corners, which is why wheel spacers are used in professional racing cars. More grip will help the vehicle to go through the corner at a higher speed.

The 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers also help the braking system significantly. Most aftermarket brakes include wider calipers, and many BMW customers choose the performance brake brands we know as AP Racing, Endless, Alcon, etc. The width of the calipers is often found to be mismatched when they are installed. They rub against the spokes, or other parts of the wheel, the extra clearance provided by the 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers will help the calipers fit.

Aftermarket wheels often have the same appeal as performance brakes, and that’s often the appeal of modifications that drive you to customize an exclusive BMW XM. Whether it’s a 5×112 or 5×120 lug pattern, there are wheels with their characteristics. After choosing your favorite wheel style and finding out that the lug pattern doesn’t work, 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers can be converted to these different wheels, and people often call 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers wheel adapters.

If you wish to carry out the above modification project, BONOSS 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers will provide you with hub centric 2023 BMW XM wheel spacers with 0.02mm accuracy. Lightweight features and active cooling patents will provide a high-value addition to the product. BONOSS offers the best match for all BMW models, and more product information will be found in the product links below. We hope you get the unique BMW XM.

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