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It is common to install Mini Cooper wheel spacers in tuning, and Mini Cooper customers agree that Mini Cooper wheel spacers are the most cost-effective way to improve wheel fitment and increase track, many people think that using wheel spacers is dangerous, whether they are referring to the wheel spacers themselves as dangerous or the process of using them as dangerous. We need to make customers aware of the benefits of installing and using wheel spacers and how to avoid the disadvantages.

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The issue that most people argue is that Mini Cooper wheel spacers move the wheels further out, the suspension stays put and the main pin camber axis stays in the same position, and there is an adjustment to the scrub radius of the front wheels by installing Mini Cooper wheel spacers. Since most customers are not aware of the scrub radius of the car, they purchase the wrong thickness of wheel spacers, which increases the scrub radius of the front wheels, resulting in adverse consequences. However, this situation exists only for the front wheels, because the rear wheels are not responsible for the function of steering during the driving process.

On the other hand, most people have opinions about the Mini Cooper wheel spacers increasing the leverage of the vehicle’s bearings by adding a track, believing that the Mini Cooper wheel spacers shorten the service life of the bearings, and in fact, for the modification needs of a hardware upgrade, changing a set of negative offset wheels for the bearing is also the same impact. And the bearings are not as fragile as you think.

For Mini Cooper, 15mm-20mm Mini Cooper wheel spacers bring less impact, 3cm-4cm track increase does not bring too much negative impact on the realistic driving track, and often you can benefit from the benefits of these few centimeters of adjustment unless there is a crash or intense track driving, you will hardly feel the negative impact of Mini Cooper wheel spacers. When choosing wheel spacers, please make sure your Mini Cooper wheel spacers are hub centric.

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Mini Cooper wheel spacers do increase track. The increase in track means a lower center of gravity, lowering the vehicle’s center of roll and increasing the cornering forces that Mini Cooper can withstand through the tires. With the ability to control the increase in cornering G-force, means that turns can be taken at higher speeds. So Mini Cooper wheel spacers are beneficial for anti-rolling and improving driving stability in corners.

Mini Cooper wheel spacers can provide more space for performance brake kits. When the stock Mini Cooper brake kits need to be upgraded, customers choose more pistons and bigger brake kits, which often require extra space after installation, Mini Cooper wheel spacers and offset wheels can both solve this problem, but obviously using Mini Cooper wheel spacers can reduce unnecessary costs.

The obvious visual change is that it’s difficult for customers to cater to the recessed wheels by altering the bodywork, and frankly, it’s pretty unrealistic. You can only get a fuller body by pushing the wheels outward to get a fuller body. When the wheels are flush with the fender, you’ll find the benefits of Mini Cooper wheel spacers to be immediate and aggressive style. This is only for the Mini Cooper, for customers who like to go off-road, bigger wheel spacers are allowed, based on the tough chassis structure of the off-road vehicle.