The most possible thread sizes of 2023 Ram Dakota lug nuts are M12x1.5mm or M14x1.5mm. There are thousands of wheel lug nuts that exist on the market. The best wheel nuts are the ones that fit the vehicle and meet your requirements perfectly. Generally, manufacturers will indicate the thread sizes of your stock 2023 Ram Dakota lug nuts. Simply check the specifications and find a suitable set. Then you go to the second factor – the seat type.

Conical 2023 Ram Dakota lug nuts are most commonly found on aftermarket wheels. However, ball wheel nuts are also widely used. So, if you replace the stock wheels, a set of new 2023 Ram Dakota lug nuts will be necessary. Genuine brand 2023 Ram Dakota lug nuts are generally of high quality and reliable. Always buy wheel lug nuts from a reputable brand. Then there will be no loose problems.

What Are 2023 Ram Dakota Lug Nuts Size Specs BONOSS ISO grade 12 High-strength Wheel Nuts Torque CHZ

What Size Socket Do I Need for the 2023 Ram Dakota Lug Nuts?

BONOSS dual hex wheel sockets are designed for your 2023 Ram Dakota lug nuts and locks. This double-hex socket has dual 19mm (3/4 in.) and 21mm (13/16 in.) hex socket sizes. These dual-hex sockets provide two different hex adapters, allowing you to get into the right tight spots. So, it’s a good choice for properly torquing your new 2023 Ram Dakota lug nuts. Additionally, these high-quality steel sockets feature a black multi-layer finish which is not easy to corrode.

For use with locking-style 2023 Ram Dakota lug nuts, BONOSS offers a unique heptagon (7-side) shape key. When the key with hex socket inserts sets the nut inside, the heptagon key fits around the irregular shapes of the nut. This allows you to install/remove the locking 2023 Ram Dakota lug nuts. The requirement of a unique tool reduces the risk of stripping the lug nut and preventing the wheel from theft. They add extra security to your nice wheels.

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