There are two situations where you need to replace the 2024 Nissan Ariya lug nuts. First of all, you need new wheel nuts to fit aftermarket wheels. You may have already known the thread size of 2024 Nissan Ariya lug nuts is M12x1.25mm. Then you need to figure out the lug seat types. The seating type refers to the part of the nut that makes contact with the wheel lug seat. Generally, aftermarket wheels come with various seat types. Only the seat types match can your new wheels be properly mounted.

If you get aftermarket wheels, you are likely to change the OEM 2024 Nissan Ariya lug nuts. Secondly, if the stock wheel nuts are rusty, you may need to replace them with a high-quality set. Due to the element reaction, the lug nut threads may corrode or rust and become dirty. Even if one wheel nut corrodes, your wheels can’t stay properly on a car. Then, the new 2024 Nissan Ariya lug nuts can provide a perfect clamping force with the appropriate torque and can be screwed in easily.

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To further improve the wheel style and performance, BONOSS provides all-new forged aluminum 7075-T6 2024 Nissan Ariya lug nuts. These nuts come in a variety of colors, such as red, black, gold, silver, blue, grey, and more. Obviously, these wheel nuts will give your vehicle a fresh, eye-catching look. Since these BONOSS 2024 Nissan Ariya lug nuts go through a hard anodizing surface treatment, the color won’t fade easily. In addition, aluminum alloy is around 1/3 the weight of steel.

Therefore, these BONOSS forged 7075-T6 aluminum 2024 Nissan Ariya lug nuts have a much better strength-to-weight ratio than steel lug nuts. Each BONOSS lug nut net weight is 28g, and a set of BONOSS aluminum 7075-T6 2024 Nissan Ariya lug nuts weigh about 560g. A lighter spring weight can reduce battery consumption and power loss, and effectively improve driving performance. By using 2024 Nissan Ariya lug nuts of different styles, you can make the rims more noticeable and beautiful.

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