In the market, the prices of brand-new 2025 Lexus IS wheel spacers range from 52.99 to 263.99 USD. It depends on the thickness and the material you choose. Giving an example, in the same material, a pair of 15mm Lexus wheel spacers is 79.99 USD and a pair of 20mm spacers will be 89.99 USD. Considering your personal preferences, the thickness may need to be adjusted. As long as you install them correctly, brand hub-centric 2025 Lexus IS wheel spacers won’t cause wheel wobble.

High-quality Lexus spacers are exactly safe but only if you install them properly. It is always recommended to use a torque wrench to torque each lug bolt to the correct foot-pounds of force. The REFERENCE torque spec of 2025 Lexus IS wheel spacers would be 103.5 Ft-tb (140NM) for aluminum wheels (always inquire with a tire expert before operating). Never trust an impact gun can settle everything down. Because it is hard for an impact gun to ensure each wheel bolt is evenly tightened with the same torque.

Will 2025 Lexus IS Wheel Spacers Affect Acceleration?

Upgrading wheel style with 2025 Lexus IS wheel spacers are exactly safe for daily driving and they negligibly reduce fuel consumption. In other words, if you just add spacers, there should be no difference before and after. Generally, forged spacers are the safest and strongest of this bunch. Due to continuous tons of pressure, the resulting wheel spacers have a high degree of uniformity in the grain structure. That is why BONOSS forged lightweight plus 2025 Lexus IS wheel spacers are much stronger with much less weight.

What Are 2025 Lexus IS Wheel Spacers Price and Torque BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Hub Centric Spacers Before and After CHZ

What’s better, BONOSS forged lightweight plus 2025 Lexus IS wheel spacers are hollowed for an extra lightweight advantage. The hollowed hole is a proven design that is effectively reducing weight. The average weight of each BONOSS forged lightweight plus 2025 Lexus IS spacer is more than 30% lighter than the previous-gen product. Adding such a small lightweight component wouldn’t noticeably reduce fuel consumption. Such BONOSS forged lightweight plus aluminum alloy wheel spacers surely don’t affect the acceleration significantly.

Can I Daily Drive with 2025 Lexus IS Wheel Spacers?

Yes, you can daily drive with 2025 Lexus IS spacers. BONOSS forged lightweight plus Lexus spacers undergo thoroughly a series of performance tests to ensure they can handle the scrutinous standards before leaving the factory. They are CNC machined, precision at 0.02mm tolerance. This improves the fit and functionality of spacers. Before leaving the factory, BONOSS’s tech staff will do a series of inspections on the finished Lexus wheel spacers to check for any defects.

Additionally, BONOSS forged lightweight plus aluminum Lexus IS wheel spacers applied advanced hard anodizing coating technology. The process provides the surface with better abrasion resistance, flame resistance, and smoother and harder finish protection than regular paint or metal plating. For those who live in a moist climate, these BONOSS forged lightweight plus Lexus IS wheel spacers are a good choice for a balance of performance, aesthetics, and cost.

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