With wheel adapters, yes, you can put 5×110 wheels on 5×112 vehicle hubs safely. Sometimes, it is troublesome when it came time to buy new wheels for your ride. For example, your vehicle is originally equipped with 5×112 wheels and you have eyes on new aftermarket wheels whose bolt pattern is 5×110. Even if it is about a 2mm deviation, you find it hard to install a 5×110 wheel on a 5×112 hub directly. In this case, wheel adapters will be your most cost-effective solution.

There are many ways to make the switch from 5×112 to 5×110, but using wheel adapters is the simplest and most effective. They are actually wheel spacers that come with two sets of bolt patterns. One set is made to the vehicle specification and the other set is machined to the wheel lug pattern. Giving an example, a 5×112 to 5×110 wheel adapter will fit on vehicles whose bolt patterns are 5×112 and the wheels with 5×110 lug patterns. They become the extensions of the vehicle hubs which convert the bolt patterns. So, you can mount a variety of wheels, regardless of the bolt patterns.

Can You Put 5x110 on 5x112 with Wheel Adapters 5 to 5 Adapters Tires Cai (6)

Can You Put 5x110 on 5x112 with Wheel Adapters 5 to 5 Adapters Tires Cai (2)

What Kind of 5×112 to 5×110 Wheel Adapters Do I Need?

There are mainly two kinds of 5×112 to 5×110 wheel adapters: slip-on types and bolt-on types. If you get slip-on adapters, you may need to also purchase extended wheel studs or a longer stud conversion kit. Because you have added a few millimeters of space between the wheel and hub assembly, your OEM wheel bolts can’t provide enough thread for safely securing the wheels. The wheel and adapters must be held evenly and securely to the wheel hub by the longer wheel bolts.

However, things will be much easier when it comes to bolt-on wheel adapters. They are bolted to the vehicle hub with provided wheel bolts, and following the wheels are secured on the adapters with stock bolts. This ensures a proper thread engagement. If you need above 1-inch wheel adapters, bolt-on types will be safer.

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How Big 5×112 to 5×110 Wheel Adapters Do I Need?

In the automotive world, wheel adapters can be as thin as 8mm or as thick as 70mm. How big wheel adapters fit your vehicle is often determined by how much wheel gap you have. Park your car on level ground. Then take a straight edge and place it against the outermost part of the rims/tires, then measure from the outside wheel to the fender line to see how much space you have available. The size 5×112 to 5×110 wheel adapter you need will be equal to or less than the value of the wheel clearance.

A bulk of wheel manufacturers would custom-make wheels with the right bolt patterns. While they are really expensive, there weren’t a lot of choices for rims. Sometimes, you get a set of second-hand wheels, apart from the bolt pattern issues, you may face an offset problem. Fortunately, 5×112 to 5×110 wheel adapters can not only convert the PCD but also fix the wrong offset. By pushing the wheels out, they reduce the offset. This is absolutely helpful when you get high-offset wheels.

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