In the last article, we shared questions and insights from enthusiasts in the BMW forum, and at the end of the article we previewed the two main BONOSS hub centric wheel spacers in the next article, but sedans generally use thinner spacers, so in this article, we will go through the Lightweight Plus wheel spacers for the BMW X4M to explain the 15mm hub centric wheel spacers that are the preferred choice of many owners. If you are interested in the last article, please click HERE.

BMW wheel spacers are a cost-effective way of increasing the wheelbase by pushing the wheels away from the hub. Wider tracks mean better grip and traction, more stable cornering, improved handling and road holding, and the ultimate in performance, even in rough road conditions. In addition to this, most racing cars are upgraded with wheel spacers, which are designed to widen the track for high speed and smooth cornering. Find CAN YOU DRAG RACE WITH WHEEL SPACERS?

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Forged Aluminium Alloy Wheel Spacers

We have seen many car owners wondering how thick the wheel spaces can be to meet their needs. The BONOSS Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers have been designed to meet the needs of car owners in every way. The wheel spacers are made from forged 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, which addresses safety concerns in terms of material data. 6061-T6 forged Aluminium alloy Tensile Strength reach 42,000-45,000 psi, Yield Strength reach 35,000-40,000 psi; and 7075-T6 forged Aluminium alloy Tensile Strength reach 74,000-78,000 psi, Yield Strength reach 63,000-69,000 psi. Compared to other wheel spacers brands, we always believe that the best way to reassure consumers is to publish the material data.

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Wheel Spacers Design

Secondly, the Lightweight Plus wheel spacers design is hollow, which some may argue is not the same as cutting corners. How is this possible? The hollow means more steps of machining with CNC machines, can the cut material be used to create an additional wheel spacer? Only BONOSS is willing to spend more money to upgrade the wheel spacers design, maintain the performance of the material, and give more consideration to the customer. BONOSS has also achieved the recognized design of hub centric wheel spacers, where the hub centric is fitted to the wheel assembly and the high precision CNC machining compresses the wheel spacers tolerance to 0.02mm, a figure that can be compared to a hair, you cannot fit a hair into the area where the hub centric fits the shaft head because the figure is thinner than a hair. It is even thinner.

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BMW Extended Wheel Bolts

You may be worried about the extended wheel bolts needed for wheel spacers installation, many tuners in the forum will sell their vehicle’s modification wheel bolts, in fact, we do not recommend it, a bolt by the contact surface, thread, bolt length, raw material performance to evaluate whether qualified, the use of years may affect the bolt material fatigue degree, there is no doubt that no one wants to be depressed because of a bolt that pops out while driving. BONOSS has designed a 100% fit equal length bolt and various lengths of extended wheel bolts based on the original bolt data, and in a simple bolt, BONOSS includes the brand logo, petal design, thread data comparison, curvature of the contact surface gaskets, and we recommend the torque and installation sequence of the bolt to ensure safety. Please read the instructions on the packaging carefully or install it with the help of a professional.