Within the car marketplace, the Porsche 911 can be the most successful selling luxury sports car on the planet. It is appreciated for the advanced technology, lavish features and ultimate reliability. Furthermore, its cultural impact is even broader. Modified by the private teams or the factory for racing, rallying or any other BONOSS-Forged-Lightweight-Plus-Hub-Centric-Wheel-Spacers-911-wheel-spacersform of automotive competition. Among the first modifications to the car, mounting some larger wheels on can be the easiest part. But most aftermarket wheels are made with bigger center bore diameters, which will not really fit the OEM vehicle hub. Then hub-centric wheel spacers are necessary for aftermarket wheels to keep the proper fitment.

Most cars come with a ring-type hub structure design. But the new Porsche models are equipped with the three-fingered style hub structure-a three-fingered centering ring, for example, the 911 997, the Panamera 970. Considering this special construction, the traditional hub-centric wheel spacers may not suit properly the three-fingered style hub, leaving a certain clearance.

The wheel hub assembly is a key part of the vehicle steering system and plays a critical role in safety control and stable handling. First of all, it maintains the connection between the wheels and the vehicle and enables the wheels to turn safely and flexibly. For the new Porsche style hub, BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers upgrades the hub-centric design. They are precision-engineered to fit the wheel to the hub with the 0.02mm tolerance accuracy.


These spacers are designed with Porsche style hub-centric locking fingers and notches on the back for perfect suitable mounting. The wheel spacers are truly attached to the vehicle hub, ensuring the hub carries the weight of the car instead of the bolts, meaning no additional force, no vibration, no annoying noise, less energy loss, less fatigue damage, longer service life.

There are many universal wheel spacers manufacturers advertise that their spacers can perfectly fit the Porsche style wheel hub, in fact, that means those spacers do not come with hub centric ring. In most cases, spacers above 8mm need hub-centric, or the wheel cannot be firmly attached. In a high-speed ride, loose wheels are dangerous, and the steering wheel may shake as you drive. Your vehicle can become shaky and the wheels not secure. In addition, if the hub assembly is not forced properly, the steel can fracture and cause the wheel to come off.

Modifications to the Porsche 911, either for car racing games or personalization ride, the safety and reliability count the first place. Do not make mistakes in the selection of wheel spacers. Some cheap casting non-hub centric spacers will be a threat to your road driving. Keep the proper accessories for your vehicle, and you’ll be driving happy for a good long time.