Numerous cases have proved that quality 1.25″ wheel spacers are completely safe for off-road and highway driving. Just install them correctly and re-torque them at least once a year, there will be no safety issue. Actually, they are no different from a set of low-offset wheels. Plenty of people use 1.25″ wheel spacers to fit bigger tires and none of them have a concern since they’re installed properly with high-quality spacers.

By pushing the wheels outwards, 1.25″ spacers create more clearance to keep rims and tires from rubbing against the fenders, shock absorbers, brake calipers, and other suspension components. This is good for those who get aftermarket wheels with wrong size tires/offset but don’t have enough budget for another set of new wheels. At this point, 1.25″ wheel spacers make the whole setup even safer. In addition, your wheels will look much better because they are flush with the wheel wells.

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Why Quality 1.25″ Wheel Spacers Are Important?

Since 1.25″ wheel spacers are installed between the hub assembly and wheels, it is extremely important to ensure you get quality sets. Most wobbling or uneven tire wear issues are blamed on low-quality spacers and wrong installation. So, if you intend to add 1.25″ wheel spacers, make sure you buy quality hub-centric ones. Almost all OEM wheels are hub-centric and this can create a firm and stable wheel connection. Equally, you need hub-centric wheel spacers to keep the wheel perfectly centered both during installation and road use.

There are a number of good-quality wheel spacers that are hub-centric. Purchase from a reputable brand, you are worry-free about the quality. Brand 1.25″ spacers focus on quality and performance. Manufacturers are very strict in raw materials and manufacturing processes. Besides, they will go through a series of safety tests before leaving factories, such as impact resistance, tensile strength, and hardness. This aims to guarantee safety.

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Can 1.25″ Wheel Spacers Damage Your Car?

As long as you stick to 1.25″ wheel spacers with a good coating, you won’t get weird corrosion issues. It is recommended to use forged aluminum wheel spacers. Due to the properties of aluminum alloys, aluminum 1.25″ wheel spacers are protected by their own naturally occurring oxide film, which brings them incredibly resistant to corrosion. Besides, the forging process eliminates the porosity, ensuring structural integrity. This makes them not easy to break.

A proper anodizing greatly enhances the anti-rust ability of your 1.25″ wheel spacers. This process provides the surface with better abrasion resistance, flame resistance, and smoother and harder finish protection than regular anodizing plating. Remember that no cheap spacers will use a quality coating. Always avoid those cheap copycats, it is very safe to run 1.25″ wheel spacers.

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