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The 2022 Ford Bronco lug nuts are one of the most interesting components and the most important pieces of hardware on your vehicle. Like many other fasteners, there are several different sizes and thread pitches of the aftermarket 2022 Ford Bronco lug nuts. Getting these wrong can damage the wheels and studs. Therefore, your vehicle and the wheel you own play a critical role in which lug nuts you need. A set of aftermarket 2022 Bronco lug nuts secures each wheel to your vehicle, allowing your car to drive and keep you safe. If you would like to improve your 2022 Ford Bronco’s performance, you can replace the factory lug nuts with ones made of a higher-strength material. Understanding the differences in lug nut sizes is paramount to being able to upgrade the off-roading capability safely.

Types of 2022 Ford Bronco Lug Nuts

There are various 2022 Ford Bronco lug nuts selling on the market. Each of them has different styles, seat types, thread pitches, and sizes. Since aftermarket wheels are designed with various lug seat types and hole depths, the stock lug nuts may not fit anymore. Thus, equipping the correct 2022 Bronco lug nuts is very important to ensure the safe and reliable installation of the wheels.

  1. Conical seat. The most common 2022 Ford Bronco lug nuts you would find on the auto shops are by far conical lug nuts. The conical type has a beveled 60 degree angled tapered head. This is designed to fit a cone-shaped lug hole of the wheels. They are in most cases very easy to work with and center.
  2. Ball seat. Differ from the conical ones, the head shape of the ball lug nuts is rounded or spherical. Ball seat lug nuts can usually be found on certain Honda, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen vehicles. If you plan to use the second-hand wheels of these vehicles, there is a pretty high chance you need ball seat lug nuts to fit. Sometimes, the head shapes of ball lug nuts look almost identical to conical lug nuts, but if you install conical lug nuts on ball seat wheels, it will lead to vibration.
  3. Flat seat. As the name describes, the seat is a completely flat shape used with a separate washer. The flat seated ones are similar to the OEM 2022 Ford Bronco lug nuts. If you would like to upgrade the appearance without changing the wheels, a set of flat seat lug nuts is the best choice. However, once you change to aftermarket wheels with other lug seat shapes, the flat lug nuts can be very tricky to center because of their small barrel design.

BONOSS Forged Grade 10 Wheel Lug Nuts

Generally, it is necessary to keep the thread length and pitch the same as the length and pitch of the OEM Ford Bronco ones. You feel hard to thread an M12x1.5 nut into an M14x1.5 stud. But don’t worry, the vehicle’s manual will help you find out the correct thread easily. Most 2022 Bronco lug nuts have a hex shape that is designed for fitting a range of regular sockets, but there are some spline drive lug nuts (which are also called locking lug nuts). A set of locking lug nuts is effective to protect your wheels. These 2022 Ford Bronco lug nuts are designed with a unique head shape that uses a special key to install/remove. They have special spline grooves around to accept the key. Without the unique tool, there is no way to remove these nuts for theft.