Are All 2022 BMW i4 Lug Bolts the Same BMW Wheel Bolts Aftermarket Performance Bolts Kit

The originally equipped 2022 BMW i4 lug bolts are the same, but aftermarket ones are various in styles, seat types, materials, and even length. Many customers who intend to change wheels usually end up replacing the OE lug bolts with aftermarket 2022 BWM i4 lug bolts. Actually, replacing lug bolts is one of the easiest and quickest ways for wheel enhancement. By installing new style aftermarket lug bolts, you can make the vehicle look good, personalized, and different. Besides, lighter 2022 BMW i4 lug bolts reduce the unsprung weight which makes your vehicle faster and decreases fuel consumption. The locking lug bolts are designed to protect the wheels from being stolen. They add superior security to your finest wheels. However, if you’re considering getting new 2022 BMW i4 lug bolts to fit new wheels, it’s important to ensure you have the right hardware.

Differences of Aftermarket 2022 BMW i4 Lug Bolts

Styles. There are a large number of styles of aftermarket 2022 BMW i4 lug bolts that are designed to make your car look better. Simply put, color matching will essentially improve your design’s visual appeal. You can invest in new lug bolts to decorate the wheels. BONOSS forged grade 12.9 shell-type wheel lock & bolts consist of standard wheel bolts and aluminum shells. The shells are engineered in different colors which maximally beautify your wheel while protecting the bolts from debris and water corrosion. By matching your wheels with proper color shell-type wheel bolts, the style of your wheels improves.

Seat type. There are three common-used types of 2022 BMW i4 lug bolts: conical seats, ball seats, and flat seats. Most BMW vehicles use conical seat lug bolts. Since aftermarket wheels come with various seat types, it is necessary to check the seat type before purchasing.

Head shapes. As much as the seat types, there are three common head shapes of the 2022 BMW i4 lug bolts. They are hex shapes, spline shapes, and heptagon shapes. Hex shape 2022 BMW i4 lug bolts will fit most sockets. The other shapes will need special sockets to fit. These two wheel locks keep your finest wheels safe and secure.

Are All 2022 BMW i4 Lug Bolts the Same BONOSS Forged Lug Bolts BMW Wheel Lock Kit

Materials. Most 2022 BMW i4 lug bolts are made of steel. They may look identical but vary a lot in their strength (there is a grading system specifically for this). People always use high-grade bolts for critical applications. Steel is strong and hard. Some forged SCM440 steel lug bolts have achieved ISO Grade 12.9 standards (tensile strength is up to 1,282 Mpa). Titanium is also strong, but it is much lighter than steel. And Titanium lug bolts are mostly used on racing cars. Both these two materials perform well, however, remember that forged ones are always better than casting ones.

Length. Some aftermarket 2022 BMW i4 lug bolts are made with extra thread length. They allow you to run rims with wheel spacers and still have enough thread to be fastened. Here is a simple formula: stock bolt length + spacer thickness = extended wheel bolt length. For instance, if your stock lug bolts are 27mm long and you get 15mm wheel spacers installed, then you would need 42mm lug bolts to keep safe. Considering the interference of wheel lug holes, there can be a little longer.