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High-end manufacturers will make hub-centric wheel spacers specifically. This ensures that specific wheel spacers fit a specific vehicle perfectly. When the spacers are firmly installed on the hub assembly, there will be no gap. A perfect fitment brings a snug wheel connection. Since the wheels are the only parts that contact the ground, this is essentially important. Therefore, vehicle-specific wheel spacers are considered to be safer and more reliable than those universal types.

Many spacers manufacturers claim that their products can fit your vehicle with no problems. Actually, they are usually lug-centric wheel spacers. The big hub diameters allow them to fit many different vehicle hubs. However, this is not an actual fit. There is a certain gap between the wheel and spacer. When crossing bumpy roads, the impacts will off-center the wheels, hence vibration occurs. Always stick to quality hub-centric wheel spacers, then you are good to go.

What Are Porsche-specific Hub-centric Wheel Spacers?

Good hub-centric wheel spacers are always adjusted to fit the actual vehicle hub. Giving an example, the new Porsche cars are designed with special hub flanges. In order to ensure perfect fitment, BONOSS has launched Porsche-specific hub-centric wheel spacers. The hub-centric rings are machined with several hollow notches. Each hole is specifically made to fit the new Porsche three-fingers or five-fingers hub design.

The wheel spacers are truly attached to the vehicle hub, ensuring the hub carries the weight of the car instead of the bolts, meaning no additional force, no vibration, no annoying noise, less energy loss, less fatigue damage, longer service life. This achieves the purpose that specific spacers used for specific cars. On the premise of ensuring safety, this reasonable structural design achieves the ultimate lightweight.

Are Hub-centric Wheel Spacers Universal BONOSS Porsche-specific Hub-centric Wheel Spacers (2)

What Are Thin Hub-centric Wheel Spacers?

A vehicle-specific spacer is often hub-centric. Hub-centric wheel spacers are machined to fit the specific vehicle hub. Generally, there is a protrusion from the center area of the wheel hub, which is used to center the wheel. The hub-centric ring usually acts as a transition point. The inside face of the lip matches the hub protrusion perfectly and the outside face of the lip fits the mounting face of the wheel snugly. Sometimes the protrusion may stick out the hub centric lip of the spacer by a few millimeters.

In this case, the common hub-centric lip of the spacers may rub against the wheel mounting plate. Then you need to change to wheel spacers with thinner hub-centric lips. For a perfect suitable installation as well as the elimination of vibration, BONOSS forged lightweight plus wheel spacers are made with a thin hub-centric design. They are undergone CNC 0.02mm tolerance machining to ensure a stable connection between the axle hub and the wheel.