Numerous successful experiences and cases prove that wheel spacers are exactly safe for BMW 3 Series/ 5 Series/ X3/ X4/ X5/ X6/ M (E46/ E90/ G20/ G30/ G70/ G06) and more. Wheel spacers are installed between the assembly hub and the wheel. The wheel bolts apply a clamping force to secure the spacer and wheel to the vehicle hub. This will not change the wheel fastening method. When the lug bolts are properly tightened, the bolts can keep everything in the right place.

As long as you use high-quality BMW tire spacers and install them properly, it is worry-free to add wheel spacers to your BMW cars. Companies that provide quality well-made wheel spacers invested a hefty sum in designing and testing their products. Years of research and development make their BMW wheel spacers safer and more reliable. So, genuine brand BMW wheel spacers are exactly safe for daily driving and racing.

What Kind of BMW Wheel Spacers Are Safe?

Higher-strength BMW wheel spacers make the wheel connection even safer. The stronger the wheel spacers are, the more stress they can bear. When facing impact, they are not easy to break. In contrast to casting, a forged BMW wheel spacer begins as a solid piece of metal. This billet undergoes thousands of heat and intense pressure to form. Hence, the spacer’s structural integrity is not compromised. By forging process, these BMW wheel spacers are more durable and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

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BMW wheel spacers improve the safety of your big wheels or larger brake setup. Always buy from reputable stores. BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW wheel spacers apply forged 6061-T6 (tensile strength ≥ 310MPa) and 7075-T6 (tensile strength ≥ 572MPa) billet aluminum material, which ensures higher strength, longer service range, and better safety. In the final step, always apply a torque wrench to torque these wheel spacers to correct the torque value. Do it correctly, these BMW wheel spacers are very safe and you can enjoy all the advantages that spacers can offer.

Why Genuine Brand BMW Wheel Spacers Are the Best?

Good spacer manufacturers spend much time, money, and resources to optimize the spacer design. These brand BMW wheel spacers fit exactly on your vehicle which provides peace of mind in its compatibility and performance. In addition to this, correct hardware, careful maintenance, and other factors have effects on the safety the spacer offers. Done properly, running BMW wheel spacers will be fine for years without any problems.

BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW wheel spacers are finished with a textured surface on the sides. The knurling surfaces eliminate internal stress which contributes to more reliable product mechanical properties. Every single BONOSS product has been tested for SGS and TUV approval and has been made with the 0.02mm tolerances and perfect hub-centric capabilities in mind. The BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW wheel spacers will fit perfectly on your OEM wheels, making your vehicle shine like no other.

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