In some cases, wheel spacers are a good idea to make your car perform better. They are designed for enlarging the track width (distance from the left wheel to the right wheel). This adds more stability and improves your driving experience greatly. As the inner wheel clearance increases, you can upsize the wheels and change to a bigger brake kit without rubbing issues. With wheel spacers, you can strike a balance between cost and quality.

Purchasing wheel spacers from OEM manufacturers is a good idea. A professional spacer manufacturer designs its spacers with durability, strength, and performance in mind. If you want better quality and safety insurance, OEM wheel spacers will be your best choice. Few companies are specializing in specific wheel spacers. You can browse BONOSS stores, and they’re bound to have a part that fits your car.

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Are OEM Wheel Spacers Any Good?

OEM wheel spacers are made by a specific spacer manufacturer. Since they are made according to your OEM car specifications, it is easier to choose. OEM spacer manufacturers spend much time, money, and resources to optimize the spacer design. The OEM wheel spacers should fit exactly on your vehicle. This provides peace of mind in its familiarity and performance. You don’t have to worry about assessing the quality of different brands and prices.

Most spacer manufacturers back up their wheel spacers with a one-year warranty. BONOSS has been designing and manufacturing wheel spacers for over 15 years. Professional production experience and excellent product quality make us confident to provide a super long warranty service of up to 10 years that far exceeds the period of most brands. BONOSS promises that if there is any quality problem with the product within 10 years, we will provide warranty service.

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Is It a Good Idea to Custom Wheel Spacers?

If none of the wheel spacers meet your needs, then custom a set will be a good idea. Brand spacer manufacturers make wheel spacers to strict specifications. For the money, you’re putting into building your dream car, you want to make sure that what you’re getting back is not only stylish but also safe. If you’re looking to spruce up the wheels with good custom wheel spacers, then look no further than BONOSS.

When receiving a custom wheel spacer requirement, our tech guys will confirm the size, thread, material, and other details. Professional designers start drawing, modeling, and providing production data. Then your custom spacers will be shaped by a forged process and finished by a CNC machine (0.02mm tolerance). A fine hard anodizing coating further enhances the ability of corrosion resistance and rust proof. Thicknesses from 3mm to 160mm and dimensions from 95.1mm to 350mm are available in the BONOSS factory. Just send us your requirements.

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