Numerous practices and applications prove that wheel spacers are not dangerous. There’s a lot of bad scaremongering on the internet with regard to this issue. In reality, a wheel with the spacers properly installed is as safe as a wheel without spacers. One common complaint about wheel spacers is that they cause wheel bolts to bend or break. But in fact, it’s not. Wheel spacers themselves won’t cause bolt failure.

It is worth noting that if you intend to get a set of wheel spacers online, make sure that they are vehicle-specific. These are usually hub-centric and will fit onto your vehicle more effectively and securely than universal spacers. Most OEM wheels are hub-centric. This ensures the hubs transfer loads to the wheels. Hence, there will be less chance of vibrations. Larger spacers that reach sizes of 20mm or more particularly need to be hub-centric.

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Make Wheel Spacers and Tires Match

When the rims and tires are not ideal for your car design, wheel spacers will be helpful. They will move your wheels outwards from the corresponding vehicle hubs, hence reducing the offset. Making the spacers match your specific tires provides a safe fitment as well as an excellent appearance. Since every vehicle is different, it is necessary to do some measurements to determine what sizes of wheel spacers are perfect.

Here’s an example: Some cars will have different offsets for front and rear axles. If you have to go from a 43 mm offset to a 55 mm, the wheels will sit inside the fenders of the car. As the wheels are moved further inside the fenders, tire rubbing risks increase. In this case, 12mm wheel spacers are the most cost-effective solution to space the wheels out, preventing tires from hitting any other suspension components.

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Avoid Dangerous Cheap Wheel Spacers

Most wobbling or uneven tire wear issues are blamed on low-quality wheel spacers. Manufacturers mass-produce casting spacers with cheap off-cut aluminum. The cost is less so the price is lower. However, you should be aware that cheap products often mean low-quality products. To keep you and your passengers safe, avoid using these cheap casting spacers. Relatively speaking, forged spacers are the pinnacle in wheel spacers.

BONOSS forged wheel spacers undergo continuous tons of pressure to form. This eliminates any porosity, shrinkage, and other micro-processes presented in the raw material. The resulting wheel spacers have a high degree of uniformity in the grain structure which allows the spacers to undertake more forces without breaking. Simply click the button below to see our full range of high-quality wheel spacers designed to help you better fit your unique car.

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