Today, I will describe an installation example of a 2022 Mercedes-Benz E300. One thing we all know is that not all wheel spacers are suitable for installation on our car. So are Wheel Spacers Safe for Mercedes-Benz E300? Yes, simply said. All qualified wheel spacers are safe for daily driving and track work as long as they are properly installed. Wheel spacers constructed of high-quality materials are as sturdy as, if not stronger than, the wheels and hub, so they shouldn’t be the weak link in the system. The wheel spacers affect the geometry of your suspension components, which could impede performance if not done carefully, but are they safe? When high-quality products are used and installed properly, the answer is a resounding yes. Regardless, safety is our number one consideration!

It’s a slightly more executive-styled model, with the wheels skewed inboard of the wide body. To allow the wheels to push out flush with the body for a better visual appearance, you need to choose high-quality wheel spacers to ensure the perfect effect and the safe driving of the vehicle.

When are Wheel Spacers Dangerous?

Different people have different concerns. However, there are two instances in which wheel spacers are unquestionably dangerous, and the automotive world has agreed on both.

  • If your studs or bolts aren’t long enough — If you’re using 10mm spacers, you’ll need to extend your lug bolts (or studs) by 10mm to allow enough threading for the wheels to stay stable. The wheel may fall off if you reuse your standard bolts/nuts since the bolts cannot be tightened enough. Adding the same amount of length as the thickness of your wheel spacers is the ideal course of action.
  • If your wheel spacers are of poor quality, you will get what you pay for, and if they crack and break, your wheel will wobble and quickly break free from the car. This is not an area where you want to cut corners, so invest in high-quality wheel spacers from well-known companies to avoid failure. Your wheels get very hot and absorb a lot of stress and strain, and the weakest link will fail – don’t make your wheel spacers the weakest link.

What size fits the Mercedes-Benz E300?

Wheel spacers that are hub-centric are built to match the vehicle’s designed hub. For example, the data for Mercedes-Benz E300 is as follows: Pitch Circle Diameter (5×112) and hub-centric rings (66.5). We measure the thickness of spacers usually in millimeters. The following data are obtained by measuring the actual vehicle with a square ruler, which can be respectively applied to the installation recommendations of the front and rear wheels.

front-wheel rear-wheel
12mm 20mm
15mm 25mm

Measurement method:

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Are Wheel Spacers Safe for Mercedes-Benz E300 by olina 5
Are Wheel Spacers Safe for Mercedes-Benz E300 by olina 6

Final word:

After this introduction, you must have some understanding and answers to the topic-Are Wheel Spacers Safe for Mercedes-Benz E300? Wheel Spacers have been in the automotive industry for the past few decades. As long as you match high-quality wheel spacers and install them correctly, there is little chance of failure. Remember not to buy “three no” wheel spacers. Stick to the BONOSS brand, take the safest route, and you will have a safe journey!