Wheel spacers are exactly safe for towing, as long as they are high-quality and mounted in the right way. Spacers are installed between the hub assembly and the wheels. Simply put, this means that the rims and tires are pushed further outward from the suspension, and this increases the clearance inside of the wheel. They essentially do the same thing as low-offset wheels. Just installed the wheel spacers correctly, they don’t damage your vehicle, and are more reliable long term.

The key point to keeping wheel spacers safe when towing is to ensure there is a firm wheel connection. A spacer of thickness over 3/4″ should be a bolt-on type. Bolt-on spacers are mounted to the vehicle hubs like the wheels and have their own sets of wheel lugs to secure the wheels. This guarantees a full thread engagement. Your wheel lugs provide a proper clamping force so that these wheel spacers won’t easily fail.

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What Kind of Wheel Spacers Are Safe for Towing?

Many people have been running wheel spacers for several years towing a trailer and they never had the slightest problem. Because they are using hub-centric spacers. Hub-centric wheel spacers come with specific hub-centric rings which will fit your vehicle hubs snugly. This makes sure the hub bears the weight of the vehicle instead of the wheel bolts. Almost all OEM wheels are hub-centric so you need the same hub-centric spacers to create a firm and stable wheel connection.

The unique multi-stage hub-centric design makes BONOSS wheel spacers fit your vehicle hubs and wheels perfectly. The hub-centric metal ring is machined to be multi-layers, the bevels fit the corresponding hub flange, which eliminates any possible gaps. Thanks to actual measurement data from our professionals, each BONOSS spacer is vehicle-specific. This means they are made according to your vehicle specification, ensuring a safe wheel fitment.

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How Thick Wheel Spacers Are Safe for Towing?

If you consider running wider tires, then wheel spacers are useful to solve the spacing issues. By moving the rims out from the hub assembly, they create more room for accommodating bigger car components. Generally, 1.5-inch wheel spacers will provide about 1.5” inner wheel clearance. So, you can upsize your 255 tires to 275 tires with no problem. Installing wheel spacers also reduce the offset. The lower the offset, the more your wheels will protrude the fenders.

It’s all in how you do it. Many off-roading enthusiasts would like a wider stance which make their SUVs look more powerful and stronger. The more the wheels are pushing away, hence the better the rollover resistance. In BONOSS stock, 1-inch to 3-inches wheel spacers are available and ready to ship. Besides, BONOSS manufactures a huge range of custom wheel spacers to fit a massive variety of different wheels and applications. 

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