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What kind of wheel spacers fit with Ford Bronco and what if replacing aftermarket wheels doesn’t fit? The Ford Bronco range includes the Ford Bronco I and Bronco Sport and the Bronco Raptor, which have different figures, but the same thing is that they are all liked by off-road players. Among the latest 2021-2022 models, two special models were ordered by many people, the Ford Bronco Raptor and the Bronco Everglades, the former features the HOSS 4.0 Suspension with FOX Live Valve 3.1 Internal Bypass, Semi-Active Dampers, and removable doors for off-road use only, while the latter comes with more factory accessories, including winch kit and air-intake snorkel, among others. These details are enough to illustrate the verticality of the Ford Bronco series models for off-road use.

BONOSS wheel spacers have wheel spacers for each model. 2021-2022 Ford Bronco Sport requires PCD 5×108, CB 63.4 wheel spacers, while 2021-2022 Ford Bronco I requires PCD 6×139.7, CB 93.1 wheel spacers. Since most of the wheel spacers for off-road vehicles need to be thicker, BONOSS has a good stock of thicker wheel spacers.

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Hub-centric Wheel Spacers for Ford Bronco

BONOSS has designed hub-centric wheel spacers with corresponding data, and the data is obtained by measuring to 0.02mm, 0.02mm precision allows wheel spacers to fit precisely to the hub assembly, the friction force generated by the fitting surface, and the clamping force generated by the lug nuts will ensure the safety of the wheel spacers and the wheel. Hub-centric is so important because lug-centric wheel spacers have proven that it is not safe to rely on lug nuts alone for wheel fixing, and the long-time high-intensity road feedback will directly lead to friction between wheel holes and lug nuts. Each wheel hole receives an unbalanced force from the road and the wheel holes become degraded and can lead to damage and breakage of the wheel stud threads.

The wheel spacers’ hub centric is reunited with the hub centric on the inside of the wheel to maintain a concentric position with the hub assembly, and the force transmission will continue in the same state as before the wheel spacers were installed. The wheel spacers hub centric exists to push the wheel outward but does not change the lateral counterpart.

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Grade 12.9 Wheel Studs on Wheel Spacers

The studs here refer to the wheel studs on bolt-on wheel spacers, as a traditional American model, the hub assembly structure fixed with lug nuts will determine that the Ford Bronco can only use bolt-on wheel spacers of 15mm or more. The reason is that BONOSS only produces bolt-on wheel spacers with a thickness of 15mm or more, and the smaller thickness of the wheel spacers may cause the wheel pocket to be unable to accommodate the stock studs. BONOSS uses JIS SCM440 forged material, which is superior in tensile strength, limited life range, neutral salt spray, and other data standards compared to 10.9 grade material.

ISO Grade 10 Wheel Nuts on Wheel Spacers

A qualified lug nut should be able to lock the wheels after the torque wrench has been applied and maintain the same tightening force until the next disassembly. In addition to BONOSS lug nuts are specially treated in terms of rust prevention, so that the lug nuts are kept for 500 hours of continuous neutral salt spray test, the extreme test is for better product quality. The extreme test is for better product quality, which means the vehicle can easily cope with acid rain and complex road conditions on longer drives, effectively protecting the normal use of wheel spacers.

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