Yes, it is necessary to use longer wheel bolts to safely secure BMW E60 12mm spacers. Tire engineers explain that only if the bolt thread is long enough can the bolts provide proper clamping force to keep these BMW E60 12mm spacers and wheels balanced. The general rule of thumb is that the thread length must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the bolt itself. Giving an example, an M12 wheel bolt would need at least 12mm threads to ensure a safe engagement.

Simply, BMW E60 12mm spacers occupy about 12mm bolt shank which stops the OEM wheel bolts from engaging the full thread depth of the bearing. For instance, if the OE wheel bolt length is 25mm and you get a 12mm wheel spacer installed, it’s probably best to order 37mm bolts right away (stock bolt length + spacer thickness = required wheel bolt length). Since the mounting plate of an aftermarket wheel can be thicker, you may need new BMW E60 wheel bolts a little longer than those.

What Types of BMW E60 12mm Spacers Do I Need?

For most cars that use wheel bolts to secure the wheels, slip-on BMW E60 12mm spacers will be better. Slip-on spacers simply slide over your existing wheel hubs, secured by a set of new longer bolts. Due to such structure, they are made thinner. If you need BMW E60 12mm spacers, slip-on types will do. They are primarily made for vehicles that use wheel bolts rather than lug nuts. So, the installation process is the same as installing the wheels.

Do BMW E60 12mm Spacers Need Longer Bolts BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Aluminum Alloy Spacers Safe CHZ (1)

Do BMW E60 12mm Spacers Need Longer Bolts BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Aluminum Alloy Spacers Safe CHZ (2)

If you are looking for durable and lightweight BMW E60 12mm spacers, then BONOSS forged aluminum spacer kit is a perfect option. BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW E60 12mm spacers machined with “Hollow Carved” holes. This design provides obviously lightweight effect while maintaining high strength. Lighter 5×120 wheel spacers will operate well at a higher performance in most conditions. That is why most customers choose BONOSS forged aluminum lightweight plus BMW E60 12mm spacers for performance upgrades

How to Choose New Wheel Bolts for BMW E60 12mm Spacers?

If you intend to use new longer lug bolts for BMW E60 12mm spacers, why not go the rest of the distance to maximize the performance of the wheel bolts. A set of good lug bolts definitely won’t disappoint you. BONOSS forged shell-type wheel lock & bolts consist of ISO grade 12.9 high-strength wheel bolts and 7075-T6 shells. A grade 12.9 marking means the tensile strength of this wheel bolt has reached metric grade 12.9 standards – tensile strength ≥ 1,282 MPa.

In addition, BONOSS shell-type lug bolts come with various shells which are good to match your wheel styles. Applying lug bolts of the correct colors would improve the appearance greatly. By covering the exposed part of bolts, the shells effectively prevent the debris and water from accessing. In addition, a good rustproof coating is effective to protect lug bolts from corrosion-related failure. Undergoing proper hard anodizing, these shells are not easy to corrode or oxidate which makes them safely work for long-term use.

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