Nowadays, the BMW F30 spacers are becoming popular when it comes to improving the style and performance with a small fortune. For the front wheels, pushing the rims outward means having more inner wheel clearance to accommodate bigger brake calipers or wider tires. So, yes, you can run BMW F30 spacers on the front only. The best size BMW wheel spacers should make your new wheels and tires perfectly flush with the fenders so that nothing rubs up against the inner fenders, brakes, or other suspension parts. Normally, 10 – 15mm is the best size range for OEM wheels and tires to achieve a perfect flush stance.

While it’s fine to put wheel spacers on the front only, it’s pointless to put spacers on just one side of the car. This would change the weight balance and would mean one side of the vehicle would grip differently on the road when braking. Therefore, if one front wheel needs a spacer, it would make sense that the other front wheel on the opposite side would also need it (assuming the rims and tires are the same). For four aftermarket wheels, 4 pcs of BMW F30 spacers will make them fit perfectly.

What Are the Best BMW F30 Spacers?

BONOSS has designed and manufactured BMW F30 spacers for over 10 years. Years of optimization and countless cases have proven that as long as you install them properly, genuine brand BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW F30 spacers are completely safe. People think that wheel spacers affect fuel consumption because of the added weight. With the development of modern manufacturing technology, genuine BONOSS BMW F30 spacers are made as light as possible. The added weight is really insignificant. In other words, if you just add BONOSS forged lightweight plus wheel spacers, there should be no difference before and after.

Can I Run BMW F30 Spacers on the Front Only BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Hubcentric Tire Spacers Before and After CHZ (1)

Can I Run BMW F30 Spacers on the Front Only BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Hubcentric Tire Spacers Before and After CHZ (2)

BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW F30 spacers are precisely cut with some “hollow holes”. These holes are designed to keep the weight of spacers as low as possible while maintaining high strength. According to the experimental data, the average weight of each spacer is more than 30% lighter than the previous-gen product. The added weight is negligible. This means adding such lightweight BMW F30 spacers to your vehicle won’t negatively affect the acceleration or fuel consumption. Such BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW F30 spacers are the best option for your wheel upgrades.

Do I Need Longer Bolts for BMW F30 Spacers?

Yes, longer BMW bolts are necessary to secure rim spacers safely. Tire engineers explain that only if the bolt thread is long enough can the bolts provide proper clamping force to keep these BMW F30 spacers and wheels balanced. At BONOSS, we have lined up proper BMW wheel bolts for 5mm up to 20mm spacers. These BONOSS extended wheel bolts are made to the ISO Grade 12.9 standards: the tensile strength is over 1,282 MPa. It makes sense that stronger bolts are safer, because the higher strength the bolt is, the more force it can withstand more force before breaking.

In addition, the seat parts of BONOSS BMW F30 wheel bolts are floating styles. This makes it convenient to change the seat types to fit various wheels. Compared to the integral-seat wheel bolts, they are more flexible. By simply changing the seat washer, you can transform a conical seat into a ball seat. Since the floating seats are not fixed, these BMW F30 wheel bolts can effectively prevent your valuable wheels from being scratched by the bolts. As a professional wheel accessories manufacturer, BONOSS provides a full line of BMW F30 extended wheel bolts to fit your aftermarket wheels and spacers, lengths from 27mm to 75mm. Take a look now!

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