All OEM BMW wheel spacers are hub-centric. But some aftermarket BMW spacers are lug-centric. These spacers come with larger hub bore diameters so that the spacer can fit a wider array of vehicles. When installed in the car, the wheel rests on the hub center ring instead of the wheel bolts. The vehicle hub ring contributes to the strength of the wheel. Without such a hub-centric ring, the wheel cannot safely be fastened. So, you need hub-centric BMW wheel spacers to keep the wheels properly secured and balanced.

Hub-centric BMW wheel spacers can create a firm and stable wheel connection. It is this contact point that bears the weight of the vehicle. The wheel bolts or lugs are designed to secure the wheels with a clamping force and resist lateral forces that are experienced when the vehicle is cornering. They are not strong enough to support the weight and loads generated through the wheel. In brief words, you will eventually need BMW wheel spacers with integrated hub-centric rings to ensure safety.

What Are the Best Hub-centric BMW Wheel Spacers?

Genuine brand hub-centric BMW wheel spacers will fit your car perfectly and precisely. BONOSS wheel spacers are designed with better multi-stage hub-centric rings. The multi-layer design provides the bevels to fit the corresponding hub flange, which eliminates any possible gaps. These BONOSS multi-stage hub-centric BMW wheel spacers effectively ensure a firm wheel connection and better load transition. The wheels are well-balanced so that there will be less chance of vibrations.

Are BMW Wheel Spacers Hub-centric or Lug-centric BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Spacers Good CHZ (1)

Are BMW Wheel Spacers Hub-centric or Lug-centric BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Spacers Good CHZ (2)

Precision is actually important in manufacturing BONOSS hub-centric BMW wheel spacers. In short words, the higher the precision, the better the performance. The amount of tolerance reflects the precision. BONOSS hub-centric BMW wheel spacers are CNC machined, precision at 0.02mm tolerance. This improves the fit and functionality of spacers. Since BMW wheel spacers are components that contact with other parts, you absolutely need tight-tolerance ones.

Can I Convert Center Bore with Hub-centric BMW Wheel Spacers?

Yes, hub-centric BMW wheel spacers are capable to transform lug-centric wheels into hub-centric ones. The hub side of the spacer is machined to fit the OEM vehicle hub and the other side is made to a different center bore size to fit aftermarket rims. For example, if you want to convert a 72.5mm center bore to 66.5mm, 72.5 to 66.5 wheel adapters will be the solution.

Then, the hub-centric wheel spacer becomes an extension of your vehicle hub, letting you vastly expand the number of available wheel options. If you cannot find the right conversion BMW wheel spacers on the market, then you may turn to look for a custom service. BONOSS custom department is here to help. Aftermarket wheel upgrades from manufacturers such as Work, BBS, Rays, Enkei, HRE, Fuel, Vossen, OZ, and others are able to be easily fitted with BONOSS custom BMW wheel spacers. For details, please give us a call.

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