No, not all BMW X5 wheel spacers have the same bolt patterns. For example, the bolt pattern of a 1999-2018 X5 E53/ E70/ F15/ F85 is 5x120mm while the bolt pattern of 2019-2025 BMW X5 G05/ F95 is 5x112mm. Only if the spacer bolt pattern and wheel hub lug pattern match can you install these BMW X5 wheel spacers safely. Although there are thousands of BMW X5 wheel spacers that exist on the market, by checking the bolt pattern specifications, getting a suitable set is easy.

Installing quality BMW X5 spacers won’t damage your SUV. Conversely, they make the ride quality better by widening the track. In general, a wider track means more grip in almost every application. Even if you don’t change the stock wheels and tires, the more track width, the better the handling of curves and swerving, and the better the rollover resistance. With quality BMW X5 wheel spacers, you will experience more comfortable driving.

Do BMW X5 Wheel Spacers Need to Be Hub-centric?

When installed, wheel spacers become the connection point of the wheel and hub assembly. Hence, you would need hub-centric spacers. For a perfectly suitable installation, BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW X5 wheel spacers come with better multi-stage hub-centric rings. The hub-centric metal ring is machined to be multi-layers, and the bevels fit the corresponding hub flange, which eliminates any possible gaps. This provides a stable connection between the vehicle hubs and the wheel spacers.

Are All BMW X5 Wheel Spacers the Same Bolt Pattern BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Hub Centric Spacers Before and After CHZ

Lightweight BMW X5 wheel spacers are absolutely good for those who need spacers to fix wrong offset issues while hoping to keep the added weight as little as possible. In this case, BONOSS forged lightweight plus wheel spacers are a good idea. These lightweight wheel spacers are machined with advanced “Hollow Carved” holes. This design provides a lightweight effect while maintaining high strength. Compared with the previous-gen product, they are at least 30% weight off.

Who Sells the Best BMW X5 Wheel Spacers Near Me?

Well-produced BMW X5 spacers will fit your vehicle precisely. Precision directly affects wheel spacer quality, making them critical to performance. BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW X5 wheel spacers are CNC machined (0.02mm tolerance). A wheel spacer with a high-quality surface is easier to sit flush up against the vehicle hub and wheel. So, there’s no extra angle tolerance or obvious gap between them. This is helpful to avoid the chance of excessive tire wear.

Aside from the base functions, BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW X5 spacers are finished with a textured surface on the sides. The knurling surfaces can enhance the aesthetics by introducing an attractive pattern to their surface. In addition, the side knurling design eliminates internal stress which contributes to more reliable product mechanical properties. BONOSS forged lightweight plus BMW X5 wheel spacers boost the whole user experience.

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