The bolt pattern on a 2005-2024 Toyota Tacoma spacer is 6×139.7mm. For a 1995-2015 Tacoma 2WD, the bolt pattern (PCD) is 5×114.3mm. Wheel spacers are metal components that push the wheels and tires outwards to achieve a flush stance. By creating more inner wheel clearance, they are helpful to stop tires from rubbing, clear brake caliper interference, improve the appearance, enhance the handling of curves and swerving, and more.

With a vast number of Tacoma spacers, it is easy to make your truck perform better. Now these Tacoma alloy spacers create a wider track. A wider track generally improves grip, which enhances your car’s handling characteristics. This also enables your tires to better grip the road surface, and the rollover resistance enhances, even if you’re driving during wet weather or unfavorable conditions, your Tacoma doesn’t lose gripping power.

Are Tacoma Spacers Better Than Offset Wheels?

Simply put, a Tacoma spacer is almost the same as a low-offset wheel. Both these items will make the tires protrude outwards more than the OEM set. When it comes to aftermarket offset wheels, Tacoma spacers will be very useful for protecting the rims from being damaged. Apart from this function, BONOSS wheel spacers provide additional advantages. BONOSS forged active cooling Tacoma wheel spacers are designed with heat dissipation grooves to make brake cooling better.

What is the Bolt Pattern of A Tacoma Spacer BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Aluminum Alloy Rim Spacers CHZ

The heat dissipation grooves behind these BONOSS spacers boost the cooling efficiency, reducing brake thermal decay, and improving road safety. In addition, the side knurling design eliminates internal stress and enlarges the cooling area which is good for the active cooling effect. The best part is that a set of BONOSS forged active cooling Tacoma spacers can provide a similar effect as offset rims but cost less. Always stick to quality Tacoma wheel spacers, there will be no problem at all.

Is It Safe to Run Tacoma Wheel Spacers?

To ensure performance and safety, all BONOSS Tacoma wheel spacers are forged. The forging process makes the wheel spacers more durable and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Additionally, the spacer’s structural integrity is not compromised. This gives BONOSS forged active cooling Tacoma spacers inherent strength and durability against whatever you can throw at them during a lifetime of driving. Considering the strength requirement of off-roading events, this type of wheel spacer is much more reliable.

As a professional spacer designer and manufacturer, BONOSS only uses the highest quality materials. Since the wheel lugs apply a clamping force to secure the spacer and wheel to the vehicle hub, make sure you have equal or stronger lug studs and nuts to lock everything in the right place. BONOSS forged active cooling Tacoma wheel spacers provide ISO grade 12.9 wheel studs (most stock vehicle studs are grade 10.9) and ISO grade 10 lug nuts. They are strong and durable, enough to deal with various driving conditions.

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1995-2015 Tacoma 2WD Spacers

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