The bolt pattern on a 2021 Toyota GR Supra spacer is 5x112mm. Truly, vehicle-specific Supra spacers are considered to be the safest spacers. They are machined to your vehicle specification, which ensures perfect fitment. For example, the 5×112 Supra A90 spacers are made to fit exactly the 2019-2025 GR Supra that runs the 5×112 bolt pattern. The center bore is designed to be 66.5mm which is the diameter of the hub flange where the wheel seats to the hub.

Typically, widebody builds include new offset wheels and tires. For those who like to keep the current wheels, the Supra DB wheel spacers for rims will be your most effective solution. Nobody wants to make the car look like there’s a huge hole in the fender. Using rim spacers to push the wheels outwards is common practice to complete the cool look of a widebody car. Whether you’re just looking to give your car a hellaflush stance or improve your car’s handling, these GR Supra J29 spacers will be helpful.

What Are the Best 2021 Toyota GR Supra Spacers?

Quality brand GR Supra spacers are always the best option. For example, BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers provide more advantages. The petal-shape cooling grooves of the spacers allow the external cold air to flow continuously when rotating. Besides, the knurling surfaces eliminate internal stress which contributes to more reliable product mechanical properties. The crisscross knurling pattern enlarges the cooling area which is good for the active cooling effect.

What is the Bolt Pattern on A 21 Supra Spacer BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric 5 Lug Spacers Good or Bad CHZ

Apart from the active cooling design, BONOSS forged active cooling Toyota GR Supra wheel spacers come with multi-stage hub-centric rings. The hub-centric metal ring is machined to be multi-layers, and the bevels perfectly fit the corresponding hub flange. This design is effective in eliminating the vibration of wheels. Thanks to actual measurement data from our professionals, these BONOSS forged active cooling Supra spacers are vehicle-specific. You are worry-free about vibration issues.

Can 2021 GR Supra Spacers Fail?

Reputable brand 2021 Supra spacers won’t fail easily even come through big road impacts. These high-quality spacers undergo a series of performance tests thoroughly to ensure they can handle our scrutinous standards before leaving the factory. So long as you operate a correct installation, these high-quality GR Supra wheel spacers will never crack. However, if you still worry about wheel spacer failure, then a set of forged wheel spacers is the best choice.

Advanced technology and top quality make BONOSS forged active cooling GR Supra wheel spacers your best option. BONOSS forged active cooling GR Supra wheel spacers are knurling sides. This knurling side eliminates internal stress and enlarges the cooling area which is good for the active cooling effect. It’s true that most aluminum wheel spacers are well-designed to offer better venting. These side-knurling BONOSS forged active cooling GR Supra spacers are exactly good for performance upgrades.

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