No, you can’t fit Bronco wheel spacers on a Ford Maverick directly. The Ford Bronco uses a 6×139.7mm bolt pattern while the Maverick uses a 5x108mm bolt pattern. However, if you intend to put Bronco wheels on a Maverick truck, a 6×139.7 to 5×108 wheel adapter is the solution. Wheel adapters are very useful for converting the bolt patterns, and center bores, and changing the offset. Besides, quality forged wheel spacers are generally safer and better for wheel upgrades.

This is because forging offers uniformity of composition and structure. It strengthens the resulting Bronco wheel spacers greatly while excluding the occurrence of porosity, shrinkage, cavities, and cold pour issues. Therefore, forged Bronco wheel spacers will handle impact and shear strength better than castings. Most OEM wheels are hub-centric. Most people believe hub-centric forged Bronco spacers are much safer and provide the best ride quality.

Are Ford Bronco Wheel Spacers Worth It?

Being a high-end wheel spacer company, it is sure that the designs are exquisite and geared towards improving performance and aesthetics. A key advantage of BONOSS forged active cooling Ford Bronco wheel spacers is the active cooling feature. These Ford Bronco wheel spacers are designed with petal-shaped grooves. The grooves allow the external cold air to flow continuously inside the spacer when it rotates. The air takes away the heat, actively dissipating heat for the braking system.

Will Bronco Wheel Spacers Fit on a Ford Maverick BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Aluminum Alloy Rim Spacers CHZ

In addition, BONOSS forged active cooling Ford Bronco wheel spacers are finished with a textured surface on the sides. The side knurling design eliminates internal stress which contributes to more reliable product mechanical properties. The crisscross knurling pattern enlarges the cooling area which is good for the active cooling effect. Knurling Ford Bronco wheel spacers also protect against hand slippage by creating a textured pattern that’s easier to grip. This is more convenient especially when installing or removing.

Can Ford Bronco Wheel Spacers Crack?

High-end Ford Bronco spacers won’t crack easily crack. They perfectly sit on your vehicle hub, meaning no extra stress, hence there is less chance to crack. To ensure a firm wheel connection, BONOSS forged active cooling spacers come with multi-stage hub-centric rings. The hub-centric metal ring is machined to be multi-layers, and the bevels fit the corresponding hub flange, which eliminates any possible gaps. Hence the wheels can be properly mounted and accurately balanced. Such BONOSS forged active cooling hub-centric Ford Bronco spacers reduce the chance of wheel vibration.

In off-roading events, the wheels usually bear fierce impacts, thus the quality of Ford Bronco spacers is very important. All BONOSS forged active cooling Ford Bronco spacers are made of forged 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. The 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy is high-quality aluminum which has excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, and no deformation after processing. The tensile strength is up to 572 MPa and the yield strength is up to 503 MPa. High tensile strength gives it strong resistance to being pulled apart, making it resistant to bending and breaking.

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