You can remove wheel spacers for changing tires or brakes. It is as simple as mounting a wheel. After properly lifting the car, use a tire wrench to remove the wheel bolts on the wheels. Carefully remove the wheel and place it in a safe place. Then remove all the wheel bolts that secure the wheel spacers. If the spacer is not corroded, it will be easy to take the spacer off the vehicle hub.

However, after properly tightening the spacer, it has become an essential part of your wheel combination. As time goes by, the corrosive elements may tightly glue them together. Having your wheel spacers stuck on the vehicle hub is not a pleasant affair. If the spacers are snug badly, spray degreaser rust remover on the edge of the spacer and give it time to penetrate. It should eliminate rust.

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Will Wheel Spacers Be Hard to Remove?

As a matter of fact, removing wheel spacers is not hard. To make the removal process easier, BONOSS wheel spacers come with disassembly grooves. There are some small notches that are distributed on the corner of wheel spacers. When the spacer fits on the brake rotor, each notch will leave a limited clearance between the rotor and spacer. It is proved to be a useful design, which improves the disassembly efficiency greatly.

When removing BONOSS wheel spacers, get a flat-head screwdriver and place it on one notch. Pound a hammer to the screwdriver at a 45-degree angle, and be gentle, but convincing, until it loosens. It should come off pretty easily. In addition, for BONOSS active cooling wheel spacers, the grooves also effectively increase airflow, hence enhancing the heat dissipation effect. The more air can flow through the cooling grooves, the better the heat dissipation.

Can I Remove Wheel Spacers BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Aluminum Wheel Spacers Cai (3)

Can I Remove Wheel Spacers BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Aluminum Wheel Spacers Cai (1)

How Can I Remove Wheel Spacers Easily?

Generally, aluminum wheel spacers are much easier to remove. This is because aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, when heated, aluminum spacers will expand at a different rate than will the rotor. When it works, the spacer will pop off and fall to the floor. On the other hand, aluminum does not easily corrode or oxidize. A hard anodizing coating can ensure complete protection against rust and corrosion.

Apart from the wheel spacers themselves, wheel bolts are also important. High-end wheel bolts are always well-treat before leaving the factory. The Dacromet-coating wheel bolts are considered to be one of the best corrosion-resistance studs. Most importantly, Dacromet coating does not induce Hydrogen Embrittlement, which means that high tensile components like wheel bolts can be safely coated. Besides, if you don’t use Loctite on the bolts, the removal process should be much easier.