2022 Rivian R1T wheel adapters are used to alter bolt patterns so that you can properly fit wheels from a different vehicle. For instance, with a 5 lug to 6 lug adapter, it is capable to mount a 6 lug wheel to your R1T. They can also be used to adapt different aftermarket wheels. Since most aftermarket wheels are made to fit various vehicles, a set of good 2022 Rivian R1T wheel adapters will be very helpful.

Many tire shops will sell wheels together with wheel adapters. For decades, adapters have been applied widely and successfully in numerous cases. As long as you get quality ones, yes, you can put 2022 Rivian R1T wheel adapters on. Properly torquing the adapters to the correct specifications ensures that they are firmly attached to the hub assembly. This means there will be no loosen wheel lugs or annoying wobbling problems.

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How to Properly Put 2022 Rivian R1T Wheel Adapters On?

Installing 2022 Rivian R1T wheel adapters is simple and can be done within a few hours. If you do not feel confident in performing the installation safely on your own, then have a professional install the parts for you. Anyways, here is a guide that may help you go through every step:

  1. Lift the car and remove the wheels;
  2. Clean the entire hub surface, ensuring it is clean and smooth;
  3. Place the adapter on the hub and ensure it is firmly seated and flush against the hub;
  4. Tighten the adapter with the provided lug nuts to the vehicle studs to the specified torque. Then remount the wheel on the adapter and fasten it with stock lug nuts;
  5. Torque the lug nuts to manufacturer specifications.

It is ultimately important to safely operate your vehicle. Tighten the lug nuts in a crisscross sequence to make them evenly forced. When you’ve tightened all the bolts, go back through the pattern again with the torque wrench to ensure that every single nut is evenly tight. It is highly recommended to re-torque your new 2022 Rivian R1T wheel adapters after the first 50 to 100 miles of driving. This is a nice insurance measure.

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Do Studs of 2022 Rivian R1T Wheel Adapters Matter?

Even if you figure out the correct 2022 Rivian R1T wheel adapters, you have to make sure they come with quality wheel lugs. All BONOSS 2022 Rivian R1T wheel adapters kit includes ISO Grade 12.9 wheel studs that are made of high-strength SCM440 steel. They are ISO Standard Grade 12.9 approved (most OEM studs or bolts are grade 10.9). The tensile strength is up to 1,220 Mpa, and the ultimate tensile load is up to 152,000N.

High-quality hardware is the insurance of your ride. High-end 2022 Rivian R1T wheel adapters are always well-treat before leaving the factory. The Dacromet-coating wheel studs are considered to be one of the best corrosion-resistance studs. This type of coating gives salt spray resistances exceeding 500 hours. In addition, the Dacromet-coating layer has a heat resistance temperature of above 300 ° C. This is effective to avoid any potential rust in the link points.