Sure, you can get custom wheel spacers made by a reputable spacer manufacturer. Lots of car owners personally build their cars with different aesthetics and styles to make them more attractive. One of the most popular ways of appearance upgrades is to use aftermarket wheels, with tons of different colors and types available to choose from. However, since most aftermarket rims are made to fit various vehicles, there are different offsets.

Simply said, when the wheel offset is not ideal, custom wheel spacers can fix it easily and quickly. Brand spacer manufacturers make wheel spacers to strict specifications. For the money you’re putting into building your dream car, you want to make sure that what you’re getting back is not only stylish but also safe. If you’re looking to spruce up the wheels with good custom wheel spacers, then look no further than BONOSS.

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How Can I Custom Wheel Spacers?

There are loads of ways to customize your own wheel spacers. The whole point is that the spacers are only made for yourself. So, your options are:

  1. Before considering the styles, it is required to confirm the wheel clearance, the bolt patterns (PCDs), and center bores (CBs) of both your vehicle hub and those new wheels. This ensures the finished spacers fit perfectly;
  2. You can choose materials between 6061-T6 aluminum and 7075-T6 aluminum;
  3. You can choose thicknesses from 3mm to 160mm, dimensions from 95.1mm to 350mm;
  4. You can personalize ready-made wheel spacers, such as colors, patterns, signs, and others.
  5. The only thing stopping you when it comes to customization is your own imagination and, of course, the physical principles. Sure, you want to have fun making your wheels and spacers look sick, but for your driving safety and reliability, our professional technicians will evaluate the feasibility.

Can You Get Custom Wheel Spacers Made BONOSS OEM Spacers Good or Bad Cai (5)

Can You Get Custom Wheel Spacers Made BONOSS OEM Spacers Good or Bad Cai (1)

How Are My Custom Wheel Spacers Made?

Here are some simple steps for customizing your wheel spacers in the BONOSS factory:

  • When receiving a custom wheel spacers requirement, our tech guys will confirm the size, thread, material, and other details;
  • Professional designers start drawing, modeling, and providing production data;
  • Your custom wheel spacers are shaped by a forged process and finishing by a CNC machine (0.02mm tolerance);
  • The semi-products then are sent to the coating department to give them a fine hard anodizing coating.

BONOSS manufactures a huge range of custom wheel spacers to fit a massive variety of different wheels and applications. Designed by professional mechanical engineers, these are made in an independent factory to the highest quality and are fully more than 66 SGS & TUV tests approved. All BONOSS custom wheel spacer packages come complete with all necessary hardware including new ISO grade 10 wheel nuts or ISO grade 12.9 wheel bolts to fit your vehicle.

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