Can You Trust 2022 BMW iX Wheel Adapters Safe 5x112 Wheel Adapters 5x120 BMW Adapters (1)

Installing 2022 BMW iX wheel adapters is a great way to convert bolt patterns. Sometimes it is inevitable that you like a set of aftermarket rims with incorrect bolt patterns. They are just the wheels you need to improve handling and appearance. Then 2022 BMW iX wheel adapters will allow you to install certain rims on your vehicle, even the bolt pattern doesn’t match. For instance, a 5×130 wheel on your 5×112 vehicle.

The hub side is machined to a 5×112 pattern to fit your vehicle and the other side is built into a 5×130 pattern to fit the wheel. The wheel adapter becomes an extension of your vehicle hub, letting you vastly expand the number of available wheel choices. And quality 2022 BMW iX wheel adapters and a correct installation add insurance to safety. Done properly, your wheel adapters will work well.

What 2022 BMW iX Wheel Adapters Are Better?

When you are looking at 2022 BMW iX wheel adapters, they basically boil down into two categories: steel and aluminum. Steel wheel adapters are generally stronger and heavier than their aluminum counterparts. On the other hand, aluminum wheel adapters are often several pounds lighter than steel ones. Forged aluminum 2022 BMW iX wheel adapters provide extra durability in difficult situations. This makes them ideal for daily driving or racing drift.

BONOSS 2022 BMW iX wheel adapters are made of the highest quality forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum. They perform well as tensile strength is up to 572 Mpa and the yield strength is up to 503 Mpa. Particularly, the forging process eliminates the porosity, ensuring structural integrity. Even facing impacts, they are not easy to break. Well-produced aluminum 2022 BMW iX wheel adapters will promote durability and even lighter weight.

Can You Trust 2022 BMW iX Wheel Adapters Safe 5x112 Wheel Adapters 5x120 BMW Torque Wheel Bolts

How to Properly Install 2022 BMW iX Wheel Adapters?

Installing 2022 BMW iX wheel adapters is simple and can be done within a few hours:

  1. Park your vehicle in a safe, well-lit, level area, leave the wheels in contact with the ground;
  2. Loosen all the wheel bolts, lift the car and slowly remove the stock wheel;
  3. Cleaning the entire hub surface, ensuring it is clean and smooth;
  4. Place your 2022 BMW iX wheel adapter on the hub and ensure that the adapter is firmly seated and flush against the hub;
  5. Tighten the adapter with the provided wheel bolts;
  6. Remount your wheel, use the stock wheel bolts to secure it on the adapter;
  7. Repeat the above steps for the remaining wheels;
  8. Then your new wheels are safely installed on your 2022 BMW iX.

Make sure every wheel bolt is snug properly. It is ultimately important to safely operate your vehicle. Set your torque wrench to the manufacturer’s specifications and tighten the wheel bolts until the torque wrench clicks. Tighten the wheel bolts in a crisscross sequence to make them evenly forced. When you’ve tightened all the bolts, go back through the pattern again with the torque wrench to ensure that every single bolt is evenly tight. The exact torque can be found in your owner’s manual. Never over-torque those wheel bolts.