No, you don’t have to cut stock studs for Subaru WRX spacers. As long as you have enough wheel pockets, it doesn’t matter how thick the spacers you use. So, the first thing is to check the inside of your wheels and make sure the mounting plate has pockets machines into it and isn’t solid. Then measure the cavity in your wheels to check out how much it will allow for the stud to go past the Subaru WRX spacers.

Simply speaking, if the pockets of your wheels are deep enough to contain the protruding studs, you don’t have to cut any studs. The wheel pockets depth + spacer thick ≥ stud length, then these Subaru spacers will fit properly. Giving an example, if the depth of the wheel pocket is 10mm, and the protruding stud length is 8mm, then installing Subaru WRX spacers will perfectly fit with no rubbing issues.

Can Subaru WRX Spacers Cause Any Problems?

As long as you operate correctly and ensure a full thread engagement, cutting studs to fit WRX spacers won’t cause any problems. Sometimes the extended parts of the stock studs are not subject to force. Since the spacer is secured by the OEM studs, and the wheel is fastened by the provided studs of the wheel spacer, grinding OEM studs to fit Subaru WRX spacers will not shorten the thread engagement and weaken the strength.

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Make sure you get precise Subaru WRX spacers. It is one of the keys to success in producing tire spacers. BONOSS forged active cooling Subaru WRX spacers are CNC machined, precision at 0.02mm tolerance. Wheel spacers are components that contact other parts. To ensure a perfect fitment, you absolutely need tight-tolerance ones. In short, the higher the precision, the better the surface quality, and the better the wheel spacers can fit on the vehicle hub. Hence, there is less chance of vibration or wobbling.

How Do I Know What Subaru WRX Spacers Are Good?

If you get bolt-on Subaru WRX spacers, please check the lug holes. The “lug holes” of wheel spacers refer to the contact area between the base of the lug studs/nuts fastener head and the Subaru WRX spacers fastener pocket. They are mainly in two styles: full-cone seat and part-cone seat. In a brief word, a full-cone seat is a proven upgrade of a part-cone seat.

BONOSS forged active cooling Subaru WRX spacers come with full-cone lug seats. Full-cone seat design provides a larger contact area, more force acreage, and better fitting. This allows the studs and nuts to apply enough clamping force to lock the Subaru WRX spacers, avoiding any potential loosening risks. In that case, the axle-spacer-wheel connection can be fastened firmly, meaning no vibration, fewer stress loads, higher safety, and a longer service life range.

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