Firstly, 12mm wheel spacers will improve the overall appearance. If you add a 12mm spacer on each wheel, then the whole track width will increase by about 24mm. This makes the wheels fill the fender well, achieving a more aggressive and sportier stance. The rims serve an important function and they add a little extra beauty to the entire design. Adding the right 12mm wheel spacers can make an average-looking car look more appealing.

Secondly, 12mm wheel spacers also enhance the handling. They increase the track directly. Nobody doubts that a car with a wider track will handle better thanks to reduced roll and more even tire loading. This upgrade keeps your car stable at high speeds, and nimble through the corners. If you are in process of wheel upgrades, a set of 12mm wheel spacers will make your design better.

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What’re the Advantages of 12mm Wheel Spacers Before and After?

Before installing 12mm wheel spacers, you may have many limitations on upgrading your car, such as the wheel size, the dimension of brake kits, the wheel offset, and more. You have to consider a lot to make everything fit the OEM setup. With 12mm wheel spacers, things will be easier. They will be helpful in upsizing your wheels. If you get a set of alloy wheels that don’t quite fit your car because of high offset, spacers will make the offset lower to avoid potential rubbing issues.

Sometimes when you are going to upgrade the brake system. You may find the aftermarket calipers too big to fit the wheels. To ensure a safe wheel rotation, you would need more backspacing for brake calipers. With the help of 12mm wheel spacers, your brake calipers or covers will be safely installed. This enlarges the selection of aftermarket brake kits.

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Why Do 12mm Wheel Spacers Matter?

Many people are delighted with the sporty look that 12mm wheel spacers bring. Aesthetics and performance are the main factors for anyone picking out wheel spacers for their cars. They just want to make their vehicles look cool and drive better. Changing the size of the rims can alter the look. Bigger wheels and tires make the vehicle look bigger and beefier. And 12mm wheel spacers clear many issues that you may meet when replacing wheels. Certainly, they are good for your wheel safety.

Your 12mm wheel spacers must fit the vehicle, otherwise, it may worsen the performance. Vehicle-specific 12mm wheel spacers are considered to be safer and more reliable than those universal types. They are machined to your vehicle specification, which ensures perfect fitment. A vehicle-specific spacer is often hub-centric. Hub-centric wheel spacers are machined to fit the specific vehicle hub. After driving approximately 50 to 100 miles, re-torquing all the wheel bolts should help you avoid wheel spacers shaking.