Swollen Chevy lug nuts are usually caused by the two-piece capped design. Although some wheel nuts have been treated with a certain chrome-plated coating when moisture infiltrates the space, rust, and corrosion develop and build up between the two separate pieces. The rust and corrosion between the chrome decorative cap cause swollen Chevy lug nuts. If you find swollen lug nuts, the best solution is to replace them with quality brand lug nuts.

If you have ever swapped the wheels, you know that there are Chevy lug nuts with various seat types. The seating type refers to the part of the nut that makes contact with the wheel lug seat. Aftermarket wheels often come with various seat types. Only the seat types match can your new wheels be properly mounted. Therefore, if get aftermarket wheels, you are likely to change the OEM Chevy lug nuts. The conical seat is a beveled 60-degree angled tapered. The ball seat is inverted bowl-shaped. And the flat seat is completely flat in shape.

Why Do Chevy Lug Nuts Swell BONOSS Forged ISO Grade 12 Strong 50BV30 Wheel Nuts CHZ

What Brand Chevy Lug Nuts Do I Need?

We will always suggest genuine BONOSS Chevy lug nuts to customers. There are many good reasons to choose genuine products. This is important if you don’t want to put your life at risk. For BONOSS factories, it’s the quality and safety that counts. These Chevy stud nuts are made of advanced machinery and undergo a series of safety tests before leaving the factory. It is worry-free to use brand Chevy lug nuts. Besides, they are under the manufacturer’s warranty. This makes it worth every penny you spend.

Unlike most wheel nuts people find in the market, BONOSS forged ISO grade 12 Chevy lug nuts are exceptionally strong, making them very durable. Particularly, BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel Chevrolet lug nuts give salt spray resistances exceeding 500 hours. The surfaces are exquisite mirror-black which maximally beautifies your wheel while protecting the Chevy wheel nuts from rusting. This means these BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel lug nuts are good to resist various types of damage such as scratches, gouges, wear, and other flaws.

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