Genuine brand Dodge lug nuts are not easy to swell. Swollen lug nuts are caused by the rust and corrosion between the chrome decorative cap and the actual steel lug nut securing the wheel to the vehicle. It has been a common problem since the invention of the two-piece capped wheel lug nuts. With road salt and other chemical ice-melting agents, this situation worsens. The only solution for this issue is to replace the swollen Dodge lug nuts with higher-quality ones.

If you have ever swapped the wheels, you know that there are various lug nuts. Aftermarket wheels often come with various seat types. The seating type refers to the part of the nut that makes contact with the wheel lug seat. Only the seat types match can your new wheels be properly mounted. Therefore, if get aftermarket wheels, you are likely to change the OEM Dodge lug nuts. Only if the seat types match can you install aftermarket wheel nuts safely.

Do Dodge Lug Nuts Swell BONOSS Forged 50BV30 Steel ISO Grade 12 Wheel Lug Nuts CHZ

Can Aftermarket Dodge Lug Nuts Rust?

Most Dodge lug nuts are exposed to air and water, and as time goes by, rust occurs. To further improve the corrosion resistance, BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel wheel lug nuts come through a special surface treatment. They give neutral salt spray resistances exceeding 500 hours. Such advanced special surface treatment also improves the scratch resistance ability. This means these BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel Dodge lug nuts remain in good condition over time.

Forged 50BV30 steel lug nuts are often stronger and more durable. Most wheel lug nuts express performance in metric grades. Each grade has a specific nut strength. The higher number means the higher the tensile strength of the lug nut. BONOSS forged Dodge lug nuts are made of high-strength 50BV30 steel. They are ISO grade 12 approved. The minimum proof load is over 105,700N. The super forging process maximizes the strength which makes them highly resistant to wear and damage.

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