Top-quality brand Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers won’t destroy bearings. As long as they fit properly and are correctly torqued, there will be no issues. Modern car manufacturers engineered the tolerances of the wheel bearings to handle more than the OEM load. The Cayenne wheel spacers cause no more damage than offset wheels.

In reality, even some famous aftermarket wheel manufacturers offer Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers to fit their wheels. Sometimes people like to add wheel spacers to achieve better appearance and handling. But we also know that the vehicle’s weight affects the ability to accelerate, corner, and brake. At this point, lighter wheel spacers are a good idea.

What Are Lightweight Porsche Cayenne Wheel Spacers?

Quality aluminum alloy rim spacers are safe and useful. They are lightweight meanwhile strong, effortless to withstand heat and forces, and are generally more attractive. For example, the BONOSS forged lightweight plus Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers are machined with “Hollow Carved” holes. Compared with the previous production, they have reduced at least 20% weight. The “Lightweight Plus” design is a whole new upgrade to traditional Porsche wheel spacers.

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In order to ensure perfect fitment, BONOSS has launched Porsche-specific hub-centric wheel spacers. The hub-centric rings are machined with several hollow notches. Each hole is specifically made to fit the new Porsche three-fingers or five-fingers hub design. These BONOSS forged lightweight plus Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers are truly attached to the vehicle hub, reducing wheel vibration.

Are Porsche Cayenne Wheel Spacers Rustproof?

Due to the material properties, the aluminum alloys are good in corrosion resistance and rust-proof. Therefore, aluminum alloy rim spacers are resistant to rust and corrosion. To further improve the rust resistance, BONOSS applies a special black hard anodized surface treatment. Anodizing creates a perfectly formed and scientifically controlled oxide layer, which ensures a surface of unparalleled corrosion resistance. So, BONOSS wheel spacers won’t rust and get ugly over time.

Additionally, BONOSS forged lightweight plus Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers offer a 10-year warranty. This is because BONOSS is confident in the product’s functionality and quality. This 10-year warranty protects the customer’s interest and ensures product quality and safety. In fact, the longer the warranty, the better. Therefore, if you intend to purchase good tire spacers, the BONOSS forged lightweight plus Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers will be a perfect option.

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