People often install wheel spacers with studs when fitting aftermarket wheels and tires to their cars and trucks. Mostly, there are bolt-on spacers and slip-on spacers. Bolt-on wheel spacers come with provided studs and lug nuts. These lug nuts fasten the spacers on the vehicle hubs. The wheel studs are pressed in the spacers which keep your wheels firmly attached to the spacers. This ensures each set of studs can achieve a full thread engagement, providing a snug wheel connection.

Side by side, slip-on wheel spacers are not pressed in any studs. There are only lug holes that allow you to slide them over the existing wheel hub. Hence, you need to replace the stock wheel studs with extended wheel studs when fitting slip-on spacers. They are supposed to be tightened to a precise recommended torque pressure by a certified mechanic. When each stud is properly torqued, your wheel spacer mod will be exactly safe and reliable.

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Why Do Studs of Wheel Spacers Matter?

Wheel studs, along with lug nuts, fasten your spacers as well as wheels to your vehicle. The wheels are the only parts of your vehicle that contact the ground. This makes the strength of studs and lug nuts extremely important. Therefore, when it comes to replacing them, it’s vital that you have high-quality studs installed. Grade 12.9 wheel studs are considered to be the top-quality studs in the auto industry. They have a minimum tensile strength of 1220 MPa. The higher the tensile strength, the more tensile stress that the studs pressed in wheel spacers can withstand before failure.

Generally, wheel studs with semi-circular or elliptical heads are found on most cheap casting wheel spacers. The material of cheap spacer is not dense enough and is relatively soft. When under high temperature and stress, the studs will loosen and spin if they cannot be fastened. This causes safety issues. That is why most cheap casting wheel spacers often use semi-circular or oval-shaped bolts to prevent loosening. Avoid using wheel spacers with these types of wheel studs.

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Why Genuine Brand Wheel Spacers Better?

Brand wheel spacers focus on quality and performance. Manufacturers are very strict in raw materials and manufacturing processes. The wheel studs of BONOSS wheel spacers are whole round heads. This is because BONOSS wheel spacers are made of high-strength 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum alloy materials. After continuous tons of pressure, the forging process eliminates internal voids/gas pockets that weaken metal parts, maximizing fatigue resistance and increasing impact strength. They are firmly pressed in the wheel spacers. You don’t need to worry about any loosen issues.

High-end wheel spacers are always well-treat before leaving the factory. The Dacromet-coating wheel studs are considered to be one of the best corrosion-resistance studs. This type of coating gives salt spray resistances exceeding 500 hours. Most importantly, Dacromet coating does not induce Hydrogen Embrittlement, which means that high tensile components like wheel studs and lug nuts can be safely coated.

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