Wheel spacers won’t hurt ride quality. Conversely, they make the ride quality better. If you like a smoother, more comfortable ride, adding wheel spacers is one of the easiest ways to improve your car’s ride quality. By increasing the track width, spacers help your vehicle perform better on the road. In general, a wider track means more grip in almost every application. You will have a better experience when cornering.

Installing wheel spacers is an ordinary operation that most people will do. And it is proven to be safe and feasible. It helps increase the comfort of the passengers and creates more space between tires to accommodate more components. Of course, there are other ways to improve the ride quality, like replacing tires, upgrading shock absorbers, adding a wide body kit, etc.

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How Will Wheel Spacers Improve Ride Quality?

Aside from boosting the ride quality directly, wheel spacers assist the safe installation of other suspension parts. When it comes to suspension upgrades, changing the shock absorbers and struts is a good starting point. They are the parts of the suspension that absorb the bumps in the road to make the ride smooth. Car manufacturers have arranged the OEM shock absorbers, springs, wheels, and tires properly. Replacing the shock absorbers may cause a tire rubbing.

When the rubbing issues occur, wheel spacers will be one of the easiest and quickest solutions. By moving the wheels further out, they create more space from the hub assembly to the wheels. It is an effective way to keep tires from bumping the aftermarket shock absorbers. In addition, aftermarket coilovers make your ride height adjustable. A car with a lower center of gravity will handle better thanks to reduced roll and more even tire loading. At this point, proper wheel spacers are helpful to avoid potential rubbing on parts or tires.

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What Wheel Spacers Are Good for Ride Quality Enhancement?

As we know, lighter is better. If you are looking for lightweight wheel spacers with durability, then aluminum spacers are the best option. Lighter-weight aluminum alloy allows them to operate well at a higher performance in most conditions. On average, steel will be 2.5x denser than aluminum. In fact, for two pieces of equal volume, aluminum wheel spacers can be as much as three times lighter than steel ones. In addition, aluminum alloy has a good thermal conductivity which makes them dissipate brake heat better. Well-designed aluminum wheel spacers offer better venting.

BONOSS active cooling wheel spacers are designed with heat dissipation grooves to make brake cooling better. The heat dissipation grooves behind the spacers are boosting the cooling efficiency, reducing brake thermal decay, and improving road safety. The air takes away the heat, so it achieves the purpose of actively dissipating heat for the braking system. This is extremely good for the braking system. In return, you will have a nicer ride quality.