No, wheel spacers don’t reduce gas mileage at all. Pushing the wheels out a bit won’t disrupt the airflow, hence there will be a negligible effect on mpg. In other words, if you just add spacers, there should be no difference before and after. With your car being wider in track, you will get more stability and better handling. So many factors affect gas mileage, but wheel spacers aren’t one of them.

People think that wheel spacers affect fuel consumption because of the added weight. With the development of modern manufacturing technology, high-end wheel spacers are made as light as possible. The added weight is really insignificant. This means installing proper wheel spacers won’t negatively affect the gas mileage. As the tires are more evenly loaded, you will experience a faster acceleration response when coming out of a corner.

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Will Wheel Spacers Affect High-speed Performance?

By moving the wheels away, wheel spacers expand the contact points of the wheels. This is good to improve the rollover resistance. It prevents the car from body wobbling when cornering on the highway. People said that wheel spacers cause vibration at high-speed. Actually no, as long as you use hub-centric spacers and torqued them properly, there will be no vibration at all. The key is to make sure the wheel spacers fit the vehicle hub perfectly.

In order to provide perfect fitment, BONOSS wheel spacers come with multi-stage hub-centric rings for specific vehicle styles. Due to actual measurement and vehicle-specific design, each BONOSS spacer is made according to your vehicle’s specifications. The middle hub-centric metal ring is machined to be multi-layers, the bevels contact the corresponding hub flange, which eliminates any possible gaps. This is helpful to keep the wheels stable and balanced.

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Are Lightweight Wheel Spacers Better?

In the modern automotive market, many wheel spacers are made of aluminum alloy for higher strength and lighter weight. For two pieces of equal volume, aluminum wheel spacers can be three times lighter than steel ones. This makes an aluminum alloy spacer very light in comparison to a traditional steel spacer. The reduced weight allows for better gas mileage and improved handling. If you’re looking for premium aluminum spacers, then look no further than BONOSS wheel spacers.

BONOSS forged aluminum wheel spacers are designed for performance improvement. Due to the advanced forging process, these aluminum spacers have a very high weight-to-strength ratio. As a result, they are much strong with much less weight. Lighter spacers will perform better in most conditions. Adding such lightweight components wouldn’t noticeably affect the mpg. If you get BONOSS hub-centric wheel spacers installed, the best thing to do is just enjoy the car.