The Defender V8 (SVR) wheel spacers have been widely used as an effective upgrade among many 4×4 enthusiasts. They are designed for adding more backspacing while providing a sportier look. By pushing the wheels further away from the vehicle hub, they increase the track width, hence reduce body roll. This helps improve your tires’ lateral grip. The tires are more evenly loaded, which leads to better handling and faster acceleration coming out of a corner when the tire size does not change. With various thicknesses Land Rover Defender 110 wheel spacers, you are able to control how far out your wheels can be. This is very useful when you fit wider tires on your existing wheels or upgrade to bigger wheels. With proper size Defender SVR wheel spacers, you can have that done safely without rubbing against the frame, axle, or other suspension components. This, of course, improves traction and handling even more.

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There are two main types of Land Rover Defender 110 wheel spacers that exist on the market: slip-on wheel spacers and bolt-on wheel spacers:

  • Slip-on wheel spacers that slide over your existing wheel studs, they normally thin in size, e.g., 10mm wheel spacers land rover defender. If you using this kind of spacers, it is critical to ensure your factory studs are long enough for the proper thread engagement. At the minimum, thread engagement length must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the fastener. In other words, if the stud is 14mm in diameter, the nut must engage onto the stud by at least 14mm. If not, you’ll either need to change to thinner Defender V8 spacers or get longer and stronger studs installed.
  • Bolt-on wheel spacers (also called wheel adapters) are bolted to the existing studs with the provided lug nuts and then using the stock lug nuts to secure the wheel on the new studs pressed into the spacer. This ensures you can fully engage the lug nuts. You don’t have to change to longer wheel studs. Like the slip-on spacers, these will move your wheels out, but they normally come in thicker sizes, e.g., defender wheel spacers 30mm, defender 110 2 inch wheel spacers, defender 40mm wheel spacers. The adapter style is more functional in that they can be built to bolt pattern conversions, such as 5 lugs to 6 lugs, 5×120 to 5×127, and others.

How Thick Land Rover Defender 4×4 Wheel Spacers Do You Need?

A quick glance at the various spacers on the market reveals that thicknesses vary from about 1/8″ all the way up to 2″ or more. If you are in the process of completing a flush look for your Land Rover Defender V8 (SVR), it is important to measure the wheel gap. The wheel gap is the amount of space between the inner fender lip and the outside edge of the wheel tires or rims. It will help you find the proper thickness. If you have added offset aftermarket wheels, make sure you have Defender hub centric wheel spacers of the proper thickness to correct the wrong offset. Giving an example, if your stock wheels’ ET/offset is 41.5, and you change to ET/offset 72 wheels, then you need 30mm wheel spacers to compensate for the offset. Presuming that you had clearance issues at the brake, you want to add only enough thickness to clear the caliper. Then the thickness depends on the increased height of the caliper. Need technical support? Please CONTACT US freely.

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