In some cases, the bolt pattern of a Dodge spacer is the same as Chevy. The only thing that might cause an issue is the center bore or wheel offset. They might not fit over the wheel hubs. For example, both Dodge Challenger and Chevy Trailblazer use a 5x115mm bolt pattern. The hub bore on a Challenger Hellcat is 71.6mm while the center bore on a Trailblazer is 70.2mm. In this case, a hub-centric ring or wheel adapter is the solution. Wheel adapters are very useful to convert the center bores and change the offset.

As a rule of thumb, the Dodge wheel adapters are the easiest and quickest way to fix the wrong offset issues. If you get aftermarket or second-hand wheels, always measure the offset first. When the wheel mounting surface is closer to the outside or roadside of the vehicle, this is a positive offset. Too much positive offset would pull the wheels in closer to the vehicle. With the help of Dodge wheel spacers, you won’t necessarily have to get a set of new wheels with the right offset. This could save a lot of budget as well as time.

Can a Dodge Spacer Solve Big Brake Clearance Issues?

Yes, Dodge wheel spacers can easily solve big brake clearance issues. Typically, performance brake calipers are bigger than the originally equipped ones. Larger brakes often require more space to fit. Thus, it is necessary to utilize wheel spacers or to upgrade to new offset wheels. It may take more time and money to get the correct offset rims. In this case, the Dodge wheel spacers are the simplest and quickest option to maximize wheel fitment. Besides, they are more cost-effective than offset wheels.

Is Dodge Spacer Bolt Pattern the Same as Chevy BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric Aluminum Alloy Rim Spacers CHZ

Arguably, a stronger retention power on the wheel is necessary to properly secure the spacer and wheel in place. A BONOSS forged active cooling Dodge spacer kit comes complete with all necessary hardware including new ISO grade 10 wheel nuts and ISO grade 12.9 wheel studs to fit your vehicle. The performance results of the BONOSS wheel studs are great: tensile strength ≥ 1,220 MPa; ultimate tensile load ≥ 152,000 N; proof load ≥ 121,000 N. Such hardware is fully more than 66 SGS & TUV tests approved.

Is a Dodge Spacer Brand Matter?

Yes, it is. Make sure you get genuine brand hub-centric Dodge wheel spacers. A genuine brand company strictly regulates the manufacturing process, and the factories only use processes that have been proven to be safe. Besides, brand Dodge wheel spacers will not void your warranty. As long as you install correctly, properly sized and hub-centric spacers will have a negligible effect on the suspension.

All genuine BONOSS forged active cooling Dodge wheel spacers have a 10-year warranty. Professional production experience and excellent product quality make us confident to provide a super long warranty service of up to 10 years that far exceeds the period of most brands. It is a guarantee that these BONOSS forged active cooling Dodge Ram spacers are of good quality. It is worry-free to use such Dodge spacers.

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